$156 Million Leonardo DiCaprio Flop Is Still At the Top of Apple TV+ Worldwide Chart

$156 Million Leonardo DiCaprio Flop Is Still At the Top of Apple TV+ Worldwide Chart
Image credit: Paramount Pictures, Apple TV+

So does the money matter?


When a famous director announces a new project, the whole world's attention is on him and everyone involved in the project. And when the man in question is Martin Scorsese, the excitement is multiplied by 5.

Add to that some A-list actors, like Leonardo DiCaprio, and you’ll have the whole world waiting for the upcoming masterpiece to blow your mind.

Well, it was exactly the case with the new movie released in theatres in October last year, Killers of the Flower Moon. The epic movie premiered in May at the Cannes Film Festival, then hit the theatres to later land on Apple TV Plus.

The movie has a star-studded cast, including DiCaprio, De Niro, Gladstone, whose brilliant performances became the first thing the viewers were talking about after seeing the epic movie.

Another thing, of course, was the movie’s length: it was a long 3?5 hours watch. However, the powerful story of the movie made the viewers turn a blind eye on that matter and enjoy the entire movie.

“I am blown away. Did not feel the runtime or feel the need to check the time even once. It’s a colossal achievement and incredibly well-written. Explores the issues of occupation, colonialism, greed, and more importantly of love and weakness better than any movie has in a long time,” Redditor excitabletulip said.

At the center of the movie there is a around the Osage Indian tribe living in Oklahoma. And when the strange murders started to take place, the only hope was the FBI. The budget of the movie was phenomenal - $200 million. And that's without all the marketing costs.

However, the movie underperformed and only made $156 million worldwide. But is it a disaster? Commercially, yes, but even now, more than a month after its release on Apple TV Plus, the movie is in the top charts on the platform and is considered an excellent work.