17 Best New TV Shows of 2024 So Far, Ranked by Tomatometer

17 Best New TV Shows of 2024 So Far, Ranked by Tomatometer
Image credit: HBO, Amazon Prime Video

How many of those have you seen already?

The year 2024 has basically just started but we already have been graced by lots of interesting shows — enough to make a ranked list of the best ones based on their scores on Rotten Tomatoes.

A few shows came back from their hiatus, and they did so quite loudly: the new season of True Detective stayed true to its base even if the faces are different, Curb Your Enthusiasm reached its grand finale with as little pomp as possible, while The Tourist, on the contrary, became even more sophisticated.

The absolute top of the newest releases so far is Shogun: a show that delves deeper and deeper into the specifics of Japanese customs with every episode and gets more and more exciting while staying quite true to the history.

It even garnered the approval of Japanese audiences despite being a show that was created in Hollywood, thanks to Hiroyuki Sanada and his meticulous approach to details.

While this series is a complete work that would finish its story in 10 episodes, some multi-seasoned shows just debuted in 2024, giving us a taste of crime, humor, drama, and a bit of romance. This year has started with a blast.