20 Best War Movies Streaming Right Now on Prime, Netflix & More

20 Best War Movies Streaming Right Now on Prime, Netflix & More
Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures, CJ Entertainment

There is no more contradictory movie genre than war movies. While horror movies operate within the confines of the imagination, scaring viewers with monsters, creeps, and killers, war movies use real-life tragedies as their primary source of inspiration.

War is the worst thing mankind has ever come up with, and making movies about it sounds like the worst idea, right? Fortunately, at least some directors understand this and choose the material for their movies carefully, never forgetting how repulsive real wars are.

Here are the best war movies streaming right now:

We decided to highlight all the great movies that ever existed, focusing more on realistic yet entertaining stories, from black and white classics to slick modern productions.

Don't worry, there are no movies on this list that treat war as a joke. The atrocious act of one group of people killing another group of people can't be the punchline of a joke, and directors understand this perfectly, filling their movies with so much compassion that the chances of you tearing up increase with every second of the movie.

War dramas are the best cautionary tales about the effects of war, and the films on this list should probably be shown to presidents around the world to urge them not to start new battles.