21 Century's Best Show With 53 Emmy Nominations... Won Zero Times

21 Century's Best Show With 53 Emmy Nominations... Won Zero Times
Image credit: AMC, Television Academy

The most blatant anti-record in awards history belongs to a show that didn't deserve it at all.


  • Better Call Saul is a rare example of a show that went from being a rather unnecessary sequel to the original series to a great standalone story.
  • While Breaking Bad won 16 Emmys, Better Call Saul was nominated 53 times in its six seasons and won zero.
  • This is the most blatant case of a great show being ignored by the awards, which is doubly insulting since the public still views awards as an indicator of a show's quality.

On August 15, 2022, the AMC channel aired the final episode of Better Call Saul, a prequel and sequel to Breaking Bad, and a show that over six seasons has earned fame as one of the most brilliant projects of modern television.

Better Call Saul Is One of the Most Outstanding Shows of 21st Century

Almost every major drama series of the last 20 years has told a story of downfall: both Tony Soprano and Walter White have gone down that road.

But Saul Goodman's journey is probably the most interesting of all – he took the bad road not even because he wanted a better life, not because he needed to save himself and his family, but because it was the most fun.

Starting out as the little brother of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul did the almost impossible – it went from a seemingly unnecessary story to something absolutely outstanding, reaching the level of the best shows of the last decade.

If, after watching the finale, you want to go back to the first episode and watch it all again, that is probably a sign of a truly outstanding show. And another example of the golden age of television that we are all fortunate to be living in.

With 53 Nominations, Better Call Saul Didn't Win Any Emmys

Better Call Saul is on the same level as such outstanding series as The Sopranos, Game of Thrones and, of course, Breaking Bad, so it is only natural to assume that such a great project was appreciated and, of course, won a number of Emmys.

However, what seems logical does not always become reality.

Better Call Saul was nominated for an Emmy 53 times in its six seasons, and... didn't win a single award.

Better Call Saul is the rare show whose consistently high quality and popularity should naturally lead to awards. But it lost in every category it was nominated for at this year's Emmys. And last year. And the year before that.

Bob Odenkirk, the man who literally had a heart attack and nearly died while filming season six, also won a total of zero Emmys. It's worth noting that Breaking Bad was nominated 58 times and won 16 awards.

Many outstanding shows have been passed over for awards when they clearly deserved them, but Better Call Saul is clearly the most blatant case of being ignored.

The public still interprets the quantity of awards as a sign of excellence, or at least a pretense of endorsement, and it can be challenging to break deeply rooted beliefs about the significance of awards like Emmys.