3 Grossest Moments in 'The Boys' Season 3 Premiere

3 Grossest Moments in 'The Boys' Season 3 Premiere
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If you have thought that it's just not possible for 'The Boys' to become even more disturbing, season 3 proves you wrong within the first few minutes of the premiere.

There are vile moments, disgusting moments, and then there are downright gross moments – you'll never forget some of the scenes once you've watched them.

Termite Man Scene, s3e1

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The strongest opening of a TV episode ever. Or the grossest. Or the most disturbing – take your pick. Anyways, this is the scene everyone's going to be talking about for ages now, at least because no one has ever done this on TV. Literally no one, in the history of making R-rated TV projects ever, made their character shrink and then crawl into his boyfriend butt hole. With said butt hole being very, very on display, close-up and uncensored. It's just out there, right in your face, taking up your screen, and, well. Can you ever un-see that?

Everything that happens next feels in no way shocking; the novelty kind of wears off after that glorious display. Yes, Termite Man sneezes and effectively blows his boyfriend up after returning to his regular size; yes, there's blood and flesh everywhere, but hey, at least this stuff we've seen before.

Eating Timothy Scene, s3e3

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"Disgusting", "upsetting", "unsettling", "disturbing" and many more things were said about this one scene in episode 3. In theory it doesn't even sound all that bad: it's just Chase Crawford's The Deep eating an octopus. After Homelander and his own wife made him do it. But – and yeah, there's always a "but" – the thing is, the octopus in question is a) alive b) referred to as "a friend" by The Deep himself c) The Deep can actually communicate with it. So there you have it: The Deep is seating there, mouth full of octopus' ink, eating his friend alive. His name was Timothy, by the way. And now everyone's on social media with #justicefortimothy hashtag and some deep emotional trauma to go with it.

Some of 'The Boys ' fans already call this scene the worst one of the series, with it being sad and gross at the same time. And almost everyone agrees that the storytelling is brilliant: after all, the show's creators really did make us care about Timothy the Octopus and feel bad for its untimely death. Kudos to Chase Crawford here – he really did sell that scene. Words don't really do the scene justice: you just have to see it all unfolding. And then, again, never un-see it after.

Billy Vomiting, s3e3

After everything that happened earlier, this one seems pretty straightforward (but nonetheless ew). Poor Hughie, after having to deal with being covered in someone else's blood (again, for the millionth time), he now has to deal with being covered in someone else's vomit. Things aren't looking up for Butcher: after taking an experimental serum and getting superpowers, he's coming down from that particular high and doesn't feel so good. Hence, the vomiting. His aiming could definitely use some work: all the disgusting green goo lands straight on poor Hughie's face. Way to end an episode, what can we say.