3 Kate Bush Songs To Listen To If You Loved 'Running Up That Hill' in 'Stranger Things'

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The 'Stranger Things' magic has already propelled Kate Bush's iconic hit to #13 on global Spotify, with the song crossing 2.7 million streams mark already.

If you too found yourself levitating when listening to 'Running Up That Hill' by Kate Bush (hopefully, there was no underworld villain involved…), then we at Startefacts have some music recommendations for you.

Prepare your playlists for some more iconic songs from Kate Bush.

Be Kind to My Mistakes

Although there are different versions of this 1987 song, we are in love with pretty much every single one of them. The original song was first released on a soundtrack album for the movie 'Castaway' (a 1986 British biographical-drama film starring Amanda Donohoe and Oliver Reed, not to be confused with Tom Hanks-starring 2000's 'Cast Away'), later featuring on the B-side of the single 'This Woman's Work'.

Experiment IV

This one could definitely make it to 'Stranger Things' along with 'Running Up That Hill', as 'Experiment IV' also has this devious and chilling atmosphere of clandestine military experiments. If you listen closely, you will hear helicopter sounds woven into the song, contributing to the unsettling vibe it channels.

Hounds of Love

A titular track of the eponymous album, 'Hounds of Love' is also screaming 'Stranger Things' energy if you listen closely to the lyrics. With its signature double bass line, the song might as well save you from being possessed by the evil supernatural force… unless the hounds of love haunt you first.

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