3 Marvel Comics Characters You Will Probably Never See In the MCU

3 Marvel Comics Characters You Will Probably Never See In the MCU
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Over the 80-plus year history of Marvel Comics, this already vibrant universe has produced many interesting heroes and villains, and each next year adds another slew of exciting characters for fans to love.

Some of them have already achieved cult status among comic book aficionados, while others have to stay in the background in hopes of one day hitting the silver screen.

Not everyone can become Iron Man or Wolverine; some unsuccessful heroes end up remaining virtually unknown to mainstream audiences. With the introduction of the MCU, some Marvel characters have gained a level of popularity not comparable to their former fame in the comics. And while new characters appear in the MCU every year, many Marvel heroes and villains will probably never appear among the coveted cast of Spider-Man and his friends.

Here are 3 Marvel characters you'll likely never see in the MCU:

Mole Man

Scientist supervillain Harvey Elder was the very first enemy of the Fantastic Four, appearing in the team's first comic book issue in 1961. Despite his long history with heroes such as Mr. Fantastic and the Thing, the Mole Man is considered a joke in Marvel fandom.

The idea of a man living deep underground with a genetically enhanced breed of moles as his loyal subjects does sound ridiculous, and his outdated attire and trivial struggle to control the world only reduce his chances of making it into the MCU. It should be noted, though, that many fans support Mole Man's candidacy in the upcoming 'Fantastic Four' movie, saying that he would be the perfect comic relief villain.


This mutant is pretty dark. So dark, in fact, that his powers are the only thing keeping him out of the MCU's family (and the fact that he's a mutant, and they haven't been properly introduced to the universe yet). Nitro, or as he is more commonly known, Robert Hunter, is able to turn his body into a living bomb capable of blowing up a large enough city. Hunter always carries an Atomic Bomb inside him, so to speak, so pissing off a guy like that is certainly not something many Marvel heroes dream of doing. Considering that the original Nitro comic book plots were really tragic, frightening and messed up, his appearance in the MCU is certainly less than plausible, at least not in the next few years.

Asbestos Man

Yet another villain with a ridiculously sounding moniker, but this time – with a rather tragic backstory. Dr. Orson Karloff was a brilliant scientist responsible for inventing an incredible chemical compound that could melt any metal. Using this chemical to create his supervillain costume, Orloff takes on the nickname Asbestos Man and begins his rampage. He is eventually stopped by the Fantastic Four, but not before he mocks the Human Torch, robbing him of his powers. It's later revealed that the suit caused Asbestos Man to develop cancer and find it difficult to even breathe, let alone rob banks. If the producers of the MCU decide to include him as a villain, they will at least have to redo his horrible costume and change his silly-sounding name.