3 Oscar Isaac Scenes in 'Moon Knight' Proving He Deserves an Emmy, According to Fans

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Every Wednesday, when a new episode of 'Moon Knight' arrives at Disney Plus, fans flock to Twitter praising many things, from storytelling to the beautiful credit sequences. But one thing always remains the same.

Fans seem to absolutely love Oscar Isaac's acting in 'Moon Knight'. You don't watch Marvel superhero TV shows for high-class dramatic performance, but in this case, you just might.

Isaac has been tasked with portraying a complex character suffering from dissociative identity disorder (DID), and, according to the actor himself, he had to delve into the issue in order to get things right.

And it looks like he did get it right. Fans have been demanding that Isaac receive an award – or, more precisely, every possible award – since the very first episode. Seems that Marvel also liked the idea, with 'Moon Knight' reportedly to be pushed for Emmy nomination in the limited series category.

Here is a look at the scenes from the already streaming five episodes of 'Moon Knight' that persuaded fans that Isaac is award-worthy.

Marc Faces His Trauma

In episode 5 that aired on April 27, Marc and Steven find themselves in an asylum that turns out to be a metaphor for their journey to the afterlife. During this journey, Marc has to revisit his childhood drama and make peace with his alter-ego, and the moment when Spector faces the pain was deemed by fans to be one of Isaac's "peak" performances.

Star Map

In episode 3, when Layla and Marc destroy the sarcophagus of a medjay who knew about the location of Ammit's tomb and assemble its fragments into a star map, Marc surrenders his body to Steven. And look at this transition.

'Harrow Shot Us!'

When Marc and Steven meet face to face in the asylum, it is their first time interacting as two separate human beings and not talking via reflections in a mirror. And even though the two are portrayed by the same person, you can easily tell who is who.

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