3 Reasons Why Ms. Marvel is So Relatable

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This New Jersey girl sometimes makes you go full "ugh, same" mood.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Ms. Marvel' episode 1

Kamala Khan definitely brings fresh blood to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even those who are not brown teenagers from New Jersey can relate to her – not only because Iman Vellani's charisma and talent but also due to how Ms. Marvel faces problems similar to everything regular non-superhero people have to deal with at their school age.

Here are just a couple of reasons why Kamala Khan is so relatable.

First of all, she's no cool kid: just like the majority of us, she has to deal with bullies and people who don't really understand her. Kamala is likely to prefer going to Avenger Con rather than throwing a party at her house, and the show has already hinted that she will have to face her escapism at some point.

And even though she wouldn't admit it, bullies do manage to hurt her. However, the way she tries to cope with it has conquered some fans' hearts.

Oh she braver than me, bc when I suffered bc of b*lly*ng I used to hide in the bathrooms at school and cry until my eyes were dry. And the way she pretends she can deal with it but obviously it hurts or bothers her?? Yeah I get it #MsMarvel, – @gemmasfilm.

But there is a bright side to Kamala being relatable. Like pretty much every one of us, she is a massive nerd. She is totally in love with the superhero world, which is why her superpowers become the greatest gift she could ever imagine; an actual dream come true.

To be honest, this is what makes both the character and the actress relatable.

I'm still waiting to see the initial quality of the Ms. Marvel show, but the fact that Iman Vellani is such a massive Marvel nerd that she texts Kevin Feige her opinions about Marvel lore is VERY Kamala Khan of her, – @ghgoodridge.

Even when you're no superhero, you have most likely engaged in arguments with your parents, because that's what teenagers do. And since Kamala Khan is very much a teenager, she struggles for independence and sometimes even hurts her parents in the process, even though they clearly tried to meet her halfway.

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Hardly anyone is a stranger to some family drama. During her journey – both as a superhero and a human being – Kamala will have to find balance between her family and her ambitions, while also desperately trying to sacrifice as little as possible.

Same, Kamala. Same.

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