This Parent-Child Scene in 'Ms. Marvel' Episode 1 Broke Fans' Hearts

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'Ms. Marvel' could not be more relatable – and it's only one episode into the story.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Ms. Marvel' episode 1

Since 'Ms. Marvel' is a teenage drama and a coming-of-age story, it would be weird if it did not address issues that are especially pressing for teenagers. The main character is a brown teenage girl, and, among other things, she struggles with some family drama – because let's be honest, who doesn't at this age.

But a certain moment from the first episode that involved Kamala's parents seemed to quickly turn very sad. And it looks like fans kinda side with her parents this time.

At some point in the episode, Kamala is set to go to the Avenger Con, but her parents want to go as well. They committed to the idea so hard that they even dressed up as Hulk, which was hilarious… until it wasn't.

Kamala quickly shuts them down and makes it clear she doesn't want them to go with her. Aside from being relatable, the scene was really heartbreaking for fans to watch.

That moment of, like, mutual rejection between her and her parents ("it would be humiliating" and "this is not you") was a gut punch. I felt it instantly as both a parent and as a daughter. It made me cry. I haven't gotten past that bit yet, actually. I had to pause it and come and see what people thought. – /The_Bravinator.

While some people sided with Kamala's parents – because they do deserve appreciation for trying to get into their daughter's interests – others argued that Kamala's outburst was understandable.

I was thinking it's awesome that he was trying to get into her interests (one of the best parts of the Avengers game) but then imagining having your parent walk around with you in cosplay would absolutely feel embarrassing. – /KingOfAwesometonia.

But even those who did not like Kamala's reaction had to admit that she's still a teenage girl with the respective attitude.

I felt so bad for the dad in that moment – they were trying to meet her halfway. But kids gonna kid, and no teen would want to be seen with their parent done up like that, no matter how rad it looked. – /ComebackShane.

Well, we cannot expect Marvel characters to be perfect just because they're supposed to be superheroes, right? After all, it is a coming-of-age story, and perhaps among the things Kamala will have to learn is how to make peace with her parents while also maintaining her independence.

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