3 TV Shows to Watch Right Now If You Loved 'The Sandman'

3 TV Shows to Watch Right Now If You Loved 'The Sandman'
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If you need a second season of 'The Sandman' circa yesterday, we got you.

We know the feeling you get when you have just finished watching something incredible and crave more.

Now that 'The Sandman ' is awaiting the official announcements regarding its future, its fans might use a quick list of shows they might enjoy as they wait for the Dream's story adaptation to continue.

'Good Omens '

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If you are new to the world of Neil Gaiman 's screen adaptations, then the TV show based on the book 'Good Omens' is just right for you.

Co-produced by Amazon and BBC, the show revolves around two supernatural beings (which we love so much): angel Aziraphael and demon Crowley, who befriended each other since the beginning of times.

'Good Omens' is not as dark as 'The Sandman', but it still features Gaiman's signature storytelling as well as humor mixed with drama. And if you are already missing the supernatural skirmish over the fate of Earth, then 'Good Omens' can surely enough provide that for you.

'Constantine '

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If you craved seeing Hellblazer himself in 'The Sandman', and Jenna Coleman's performance as Lady Johanna was not enough for you, then you might enjoy the NBC TV show 'Constantine' with Matt Ryan in the titular role.

Unlike 'The Sandman', the NBC series serves the one and only iconic John Constantine who rocks a trench coat and blonde hair and has no business messing with lords of dreams, too busy with exorcising demons.

Besides, NBC's Constantine also has an angel to deal with, named Manny and occasionally taking human form to exercise some good old interference in human affairs.

However, we have to warn you that 'Constantine' only has one season which ends with a cliffhanger that is unlikely to ever be resolved: the show was cancelled in 2015.

'Lucifer '

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'The Sandman' involves a lot of iconic characters who have previously been portrayed in other shows, albeit played by different actors and thrown into totally different circumstances. This works for the TV series 'Lucifer' developed by Tom Kapinos: despite the show being based on the very character created by Neil Gaiman for 'The Sandman', this is a totally different Lucifer we're talking about.

No Gwendoline Christie here for you: in this show, the ruler of Hell is portrayed by Tom Ellis, whose Lucifer has escaped his domain to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle on Earth, among humans. However, he appears to fall in love with a human police detective, who… well, let's just say things are not that simple with her.

If 'The Sandman' did not serve you enough romance and love stories, then perhaps six seasons of 'Lucifer' is just what the doctor ordered.