3 Weirdest Things We Never Noticed in Friends

3 Weirdest Things We Never Noticed in Friends
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Think you know Friends because you watched it a billion times?

We bet even a superfan like you never noticed these eerie details!

Ross from the Multiverse

It is a well-known fact that the show's writers were just terrible at math because the friends' ages kept changing throughout the seasons, but their birthday situation might actually be worse.

We may have seen two Ross Gellers on Friends (which would explain so, so much, by the way) because he apparently has two birthdays.

In the season 4 episode, The One With Joey's New Girlfriend, Ross wants Gunther to add him to the birthday list at the coffeehouse and tells him that he was born in December.

By season 9, we must already be witnessing Ross from an alternate reality – in The One Where Emma Cries, Ross claims that his birthday is actually October 18.

Is it a plothole or Ross' clever way of getting two cakes?

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Estelle's Side Gig

Estelle was Joey's agent, but she may have been even more than that.

We first hear of Estelle in the season 1 episode, The One With The Butt, when she signs on Joey after seeing him in the Freud! musical (questionable quality standards, but OK).

However, that same season we find out that Joey's agent might be side-hustling as a nurse – actress June Gable appears in The One With the Birth as the nurse who delivers Ben.

Coincidence? We think not.

Maybe Friends was running low on extras, or maybe Estelle's second job is the reason why Joey didn't get as many auditions (she just didn't have the time to set them up).

Chandler's Net Worth

Throughout the show, Joey has always been the popular one who gets all the girls, which makes no sense because it should have been Chandler.

Before he gave up his transponster career, Chandler was an exec financial guy who was doing pretty well for himself.

He managed to support Joey and still somehow save up quite a lot of money (enough to afford Monica's wedding plan A in season 7).

Chandler was a cute guy who made both the big bucks and the funniest jokes. The real plothole is that Chandler is the comedic relief of the show.

Come on, the guy should have been making so many girls turn their heads – Monica is lucky that he has chosen her (not just because of the money, but generally Chandler is awesome, and we will fight you for it).

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Isn't it great to still find out these little things about the show even after it's over? It definitely is for us!