4 Months & 13k Signatures Later, Save Blue Bloods Petition Isn't Saving Anything

4 Months & 13k Signatures Later, Save Blue Bloods Petition Isn't Saving Anything
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Even good things have to end.


  • It has been confirmed that Blue Bloods will end with season 14
  • Not all fans are ready to accept that, which is why a fan petition to save the show from cancellation has been launched
  • However, the petition lacks traction and signatures for it to actually matter

It's tough to let your favorite things go, but it's even tougher to realize that those who would like to keep it are actually a minority. That's exactly what seems to be happening with Save Blue Bloods petition that seeks to save the beloved police procedural from cancelation.

Season 14, which is yet to end, was confirmed to be the last one for Blue Bloods. So far, only 4 episodes have seen the light of the day, and some fans believe that the remaining six are not enough for a proper Blue Bloods closure.

That's why, back in November, a Save Blue Bloods petition was launched. However, the petition has been underperforming severely: in 4 months, it only managed to gain a little over 13,000 signatures.

While some may argue it's about the fandom not doing enough, the majority of fans believe the reason is way simpler: the show simply needs to end at this point.

"It’s feeling very thrown away, or like a 12 year old wrote it. Frank needs to retire, Joe needs to grow up, Eddie needs to have a baby so she can focus on something other than everyone else’s business," Redditor _ItsTheLittleThings_ noted.

Some people argue that Blue Bloods was already lucky enough to have 14 seasons; even NYPD Blue, another huge procedural hit, only secured 12. No matter how much one loves Blue Bloods, it's clear that no one wants favorite characters and storylines to feel forced and tired.

"Is the show being cancelled or just all behind the scenes parties deciding they’ve told all the stories they can/want to and end on a high note? Most of the children are gone as the performers have moved on with their lives as had the actress who played Linda. Better to end one season too soon or one season too late," Redditor damageddude added.

Tom Selleck Doesn't Help

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The series' main actor, Tom Selleck, who portrays Frank Reagan, has mentioned that he is "not over" with Blue Bloods. However, even his words are not enough to save the show.

Still, the Frank actor is sure that Blue Bloods has "plenty of room" for the story to develop even further. And some fans hope that the actors can help the show to at least achieve a certain milestone before bowing out.

"Both Tom and Donny have said openly they don't want it to end...and both of them might be able to convince CBS to tack on a few additional episodes so the show goes to 300 episodes," Redditor videonitekatt said.

Blue Bloods Season 14 Schedule

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While no official schedule for the rest of season 14 has been released by CBS, The Fulton Critic offers its own schedule for the remaining ten episodes of the final season.

Here is the suggested schedule:

Episode 5: April 5, 2024

Episode 6: April 12, 2024

Episode 7: April 26, 2024

Episode 8: May 3, 2024

Episode 9: May 10, 2024

Episode 10: May 17, 2024

All episodes usually air at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, becoming available for streaming on Paramount Plus the next day.

Source:, The Fulton Critic