4 Plot Twists Back to the Future 4 Could Use to Revive Itself 30 Years Later

4 Plot Twists Back to the Future 4 Could Use to Revive Itself 30 Years Later
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The franchise is definitely over, but fans would never stop dwelling on how things could turn out in one more movie.

Back to the Future may be more than 30 years old, but it doesn’t seem to ever lose at least a tiny part of its huge fandom. The franchise had its run of 3 movies from 1985 to 1990 and, compared to many other popular series of films, had its definite end on a good note thus escaping a fall into decay and landing a solid place in the cinema history.

Despite the fact that Back to the Future was repeatedly confirmed to be over with no other film being in the works, devoted fans couldn’t just let the story go away — and the scope of their imagination has so far come up with some exciting ideas about what the fourth film’s plot twists could have potentially been.

Marty exploring a radically different historical era

In the franchise, Marty travels somewhere in between the 1980s and 1950s while the final part of Back to the Future brings him to the Wild West of 1885. As the character has already seen enough in both periods of time, he could have potentially had another exciting voyage to the times of the Great Depression in the 1930s or the Prohibition era in the 1920s. The plot could’ve taken even broader horizons by teleporting Marty to another country with its own complicated history — like, for example, the Roman Empire.

Jennifer’s story explained

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Marty McFly’s girlfriend Jennifer could’ve also given the attention that her story probably deserved all along. With her role of not more than just the main character’s love interest, Jennifer has almost vanished from the whole plot appearing from time to time for a couple of minutes while Marty and Doc are all about their time adventures. Instead of ignoring her, Back to the Future 4 could’ve made it up to Jennifer by letting her go somewhere with Marty and thus making her unveil her true self.

Doc’s kids taking up bigger roles

The last part of the franchise, Back to the Future III, features Doc’s little sons, Jules and Verne, when they travel with their parents on a steam locomotive. Their future thus remains unknown after Doc takes them to some uncertain time period, but fans would’ve definitely loved to see how the boys would grow up living with a father who can’t resist from temptations to explore yet another history period.

Marty’s happy family life

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The second film gives a sneak peek into Marty’s life when he’s all grown up and gets to bring his own kids up, but his future doesn’t appear to be that exciting and somehow happens to repeat the fate of his parents’ marriage.

Though the franchise then is quick to pick it up at the right moment to amend and the finale is clear about Marty’s future that hasn’t been written yet. Given that Marty gets a chance to make his life different from what the viewers saw in the second part, Back to the Future 4 could’ve proved that the character had succeeded (or not) in what was essential for him.