4 Upcoming Netflix Horror Series To Wait For In 2022

Image credit: Netflix

The remainder of 2022 promises to be a great time for horror fans, as the world's largest streaming service offers some truly intriguing macabre series to properly terrify its millions of viewers.

Netflix is famous for the huge variety of different projects released each week, making it increasingly difficult to navigate the ever-growing number of series. The streaming giant is also tapping into international markets, producing many interesting but largely underseen works of cinema, making many potentially hit horror films and series very hard to find if you don't know where to look.

So, here's our pick for Netflix's 4 most anticipated horror series of 2022:

First Kill – June 10

A lesbian horror series about a teenage vampire who falls in love with a vampire hunter sounds like a promising crossover between 'Heartstopper' and HBO's 'True Blood'. The fresh cast and killer soundtrack are sure to attract a lot of young viewers, and if the series manages to go beyond that trite premise, who knows, Netflix might get a much-needed hit in the its teen horror department.

Resident Evil – July 14

The legendary video game franchise makes another attempt at a live-action adaptation, following the iconic film series starring Milla Jovovich. This time the story will follow Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick), one of the main antagonists of the original games, and his daughter navigating the devastated panorama of the post-apocalyptic United States. It looks like Netflix is trying to use the franchise name as a cover for producing its own answer to AMC's 'The Walking Dead', but if fans like the finished product, the streaming giant could give the green light to other potential 'Resident Evil' projects.

The Midnight Club – October 7

Mike Flanagan returns to Netflix with yet another horror series. After the success of last year's 'Midnight Mass', it seems the writer-director can't go wrong creating hit after hit for the streaming giant. This time, he will tell the story of a group of terminally ill teenagers who find themselves in a sinister hospice, telling each other scary stories just to pass the time. As usual with Flanagan, you don't really know what to expect, but the anticipation is certainly high.

1899 – Fall/Winter 2022

The German sci-fi series 'Dark' was a favorite for many Netflix subscribers, and viewers were certainly interested in a more adult approach to the winning 'Stranger Things' formula. The creative team behind the project returns with '1899', a multilingual horror series set aboard a ship carrying thousands of immigrants hoping to reach the shores of the United States. Of course, something strange is going on among the motley crew of passengers, and the lack of narrative details only adds to our interest in finally seeing the series.

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