4Chan Leak Reveals Thunderbolts Will Bring Iconic Marvel Villain to Life

4Chan Leak Reveals Thunderbolts Will Bring Iconic Marvel Villain to Life
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We waited for him in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but he apparently prefers to take his time.

It looks like Marvel might actually introduce legendary villain Doctor Doom in its upcoming movie Thunderbolts, according to viral unconfirmed rumors shared on 4chan.

Moreover, Doom will allegedly play an important role in the film, and not just receive a mention or a quick cameo.

"He's presented more like T'Challa in Civil War than anything else. But the fallout from the climax of Thunderbolts (particularly the actions of Red Hulk) will lead to him being thrust into the MCU in a major way," the rumor claims.

Initially, fans widely expected Doctor Doom to appear in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, claiming that the iconic villain will be introduced in the movie's post-credit scene. However, Wakanda Forever did not include any mention of Doctor Doom; so far, he is yet to be referenced in the MCU.

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Despite fans' skepticism towards 4chan rumors, it appears that the majority of the Marvel fandom believes this one to likely be true, given that a lot of earlier speculations claimed that Thunderbolts will have to face a threat out of their league.

"I mean regardless of if any of these rumors are true, that is still almost certainly what the real movie will be like. "The bad guy will be easy for the good guys to defeat" isn't exactly the greatest pitch for an action movie. They're supposed to seem outmatched," Redditor EhhSpoofy noted.

Others joked that "Doom is the new Mephisto", recalling how Marvel fans went crazy over alleged hints that WandaVision dropped about another legendary Marvel villain.

"Assuming it's true that Ross becomes both President of The United States and The Red Hulk, it is very believable that he would do something to offend Doom and the people of Latveria," another Redditor, ironwilledstrength, noted.

Thunderbolts will premiere in theaters on July 26, 2024.