5 Best Character Introductions in Movie History That Made Us Fall In Love Right Away

5 Best Character Introductions in Movie History That Made Us Fall In Love Right Away
Image credit: Legion-Media

Admit it, they have grabbed your attention from the very first few seconds.

First impressions apply to both real life and film, as they can make or break your first perception of the character. Memorable character introductions in movies leave a lasting effect and can become iconic in pop culture. Here are some of the most memorable and compelling character introductions ever seen on the big screen.

Hans Landa — Inglorious Basterds

Probably one of the longest (6 minutes) and most compelling opening scenes in movie history. The Quentin Tarantino classic, set during World War II, features an unforgettable introduction by Christopher Waltz as Austrian SS officer Colonel Hans Landa.

With a chilling performance, Landa's scene is tense and terrifying, highlighting the character's iconic seamless transition from friendly to menacing.

Captain Jack Sparrow — Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Without saying a word, standing atop the crow 's nest of a sinking ship, Sparrow's entrance showcases his unique personality, self-confidence, and comedic timing, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. And Hans Zimmer's memorable score adds to the impact of the scene and sets the tone for the popular character's journey throughout the movie.

Spider-Punk — Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

The punk rock take on Spider-Man has an unconventional, bright, and memorable introduction in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Through a cutaway scene, we see Spider-Punk in the midst of a fight while reading his own comic book, with his unique style of animation that reflects his fun and unpredictable character.

The Joker — The Dark Knight

The opening scene of Christopher Nolan 's The Dark Knight has to be one of the most thrilling moments of the film and the best character’s introduction. The combination of Ledger's incredible performance, the bank robbery, the Joker's physical appearance, and the iconic line, "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stranger," accompanied by Hans Zimmer's haunting score, sets the tone for the character and the compelling story that unfolds.

Evelyn Carnahan — The Mummy

With her relatable workplace mishap, the lovable librarian in The Mummy franchise instantly captures the viewers' hearts. Hilariously knocking over bookshelves and showing off her quirky nature, Evelyn charms audiences from the moment she is introduced to the end of the Mummy series.