5 Best TV Show Debut Seasons Ever, Ranked

5 Best TV Show Debut Seasons Ever, Ranked
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It's crucial for a new TV show to start off strong, and these five series are stellar examples of how an impeccable debut sets the entire show up for worldwide success.

5. Stranger Things

Netflix never placed its bet on this series yet it was Stranger Things that completely changed and redefined the world of streaming with its very first season. The phenomenal blending of genres, the general sense of wonder and nostalgia, and the unique atmosphere of the show set it up for tremendous success across all seasons.

4. Twin Peaks

At the start of the 90s, it was Twin Peaks that changed television forever, revealing the true beauty of the surreal to the unsuspecting general public. David Lynch's genius blend of police show, soap opera, and mystic horror genres had millions of people trapped in front of their TVs, and its first season is nothing short of iconic.

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3. Westworld

As of the more recent shows, Westworld's first season invited the viewers into the brutal yet charming, familiar yet infinitely confusing setting of a fully-immersive themed part for the rich. The world-building, amazement, and suspense of S1 may have led to unreachably high expectations for S2, but it was so worth it in our eyes!

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2. True Detective

True Detective's seasons are not interconnected since its an anthology series, but when someone speaks of the perfect S1, you can't help but remember the dark and twisted journey you embarked on with McConaughey and Harrelson's characters. True Detective's first season is perfect in every way and it feels like a complete story.

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1. The Sopranos

Another gamechanger on our list, The Sopranos are widely regarded as the series that started the golden age of television. S1 sets you up perfectly for what's to come, drawing this thin line between the criminal drama and comedy elements of the show, and you fall in love with the deeply flawed characters right from the get-go.

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The debut seasons of any show is its most important feat in more than one way, and even though it often sets the bar too high for the following seasons, it still ensures that the audience will stay engaged for quite some time. We can think of a dozen other shows to add to the list, but we have only one question for you now…

Which show had the better first season?