5 Christmas-Themed Horror Movies To Add Some Scares To The Holiday Season

5 Christmas-Themed Horror Movies To Add Some Scares To The Holiday Season
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If you're tired of watching the Christmas classics for the 100th time and are looking for something a little more chilling, these five are for you.

Halloween may be over, but some horror fans can never get enough of scary movies, no matter the season.

So, with Christmas approaching by the day, if you're tired of watching the sugary and heartwarming classics over and over again and want to try something a little more terrifying, check out these five movies that combine the holiday spirit with some nice spookiness or even bone-chilling horror.

Better Watch Out (2016)

This psychological horror film revolves around babysitter Ashley, portrayed by Olivia DeJonge, who is tasked with watching 12-year-old Luke Lerner, who suffers from schizophrenia, on Christmas Eve.

Soon, however, the night turns into a horror as a simple job becomes an intense struggle for survival.

With well-acted characters and a few bizarre twists that turn the whole story upside down, Better Watch Out is a nice addition to the lineup of Christmas-themed horror films.

Krampus (2015)

While this film is considered a horror comedy, it can get pretty scary at times, with some creative scenes involving the titular creature being quite haunting.

With a solid cast including Emjay Anthony, Toni Collette, Adam Scott and others, it follows a dysfunctional family three days before Christmas.

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Young Max is fed up with his relatives constantly going at each other's throats, causing the boy to lose all holiday spirit and tear up his letter to Santa.

Little does he know that in doing so, he has awakened an ancient creature from German folklore who is now out to punish everyone who has been naughty.

Gremlins (1984)

An absolute 80's cult classic, it would have been a crime to deny this great horror-comedy film, perfect for both kids and adults, a spot on our list.

After Randall Peltzer struggles to find a Christmas present for his son Billy, he stumbles upon a strange antique shop in Chinatown where he acquires an adorable fluffy creature known as a mogwai.

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However, the shop owner warns Randall that the new pet comes with a set of important rules that must be followed, such as not exposing it to light or water, and not feeding it after midnight.

Of course, one of the rules is inevitably broken, leading to utter chaos as the seemingly harmless creature hides a nasty secret.

Black Christmas (1974)

This Canadian slasher was remade twice, in 2006 and 2019, with equally poor results, so the 1974 original is still superior to the reboots and holds up pretty well despite its age.

Many aspects of the movie are legitimately scary and creepy in a way that many modern slashers aren't, though it is a product of its time and should be cut some slack.

A Christmas celebration at a sorority house turns into a massacre after a mysterious killer makes his way into the building and starts picking off his victims one by one.

The Lodge (2019)

If you're in the mood for something really dark, this 2019 movie is right up your alley, as it deals with some truly disturbing and even tragic themes.

After Richard, played by Richard Armitage, falls in love with a woman he met while researching an extremist cult and tells his wife he wants a divorce, she sadly takes her own life.

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Six months later, Richard takes his children, played by Jaeden Martell and Lia McHugh, to a remote lodge to spend Christmas with the aforementioned Grace, played by Riley Keough, who is doing her best to recover from her haunting cult past.

But the obvious tension between the children and their father's new love takes a dark turn, with devastating consequences.

With some great acting and unexpected twists, the film cleverly subverts the viewer's expectations, making it well worth your time.