5 Emotional Animated Movie Scenes Even Grown Men Cry Over

5 Emotional Animated Movie Scenes Even Grown Men Cry Over
Image credit: Disney/Pixar

If you want your heart broken and fixed at the same time, here are some animated classics for you.

Not everything in a touching animated movie has to be a death scene to bring you to tears.

So here are some of the scenes that do not necessarily depict deaths — but when they do, it's going to make you weep, too. We've warned you.

5. Stoic's Death — How to Train Your Dragon

The series has plenty of heart-wrenching moments, but when Hiccup and the rest of the Vikings bid farewell to Stoic, the leader of Berk, it just hits different. This is probably the exact moment when Hiccup was no longer an awkward kid — it was time for him to become a man and a leader.

4. Stitch's Family — Lilo & Stitch

If you didn't cry when the "monstrous" Stitch, who started out as a completely unhinged alien creature, politely asked to say goodbye to his newfound family before leaving them forever, then you probably didn't see the scene.

3. Tadashi Is Here — Big Hero 6

The death of Tadashi in Big Hero 6 was devastating for the main character, Hiro, who struggled to find peace ever since his older brother died in a fire trying to save professor Callaghan. However, Baymax, as a decent healthcare companion, offered the best — and the most heart-wrenching — care possible.

2. Remember Me — Coco

The song Remember Me is the main hit in Coco — but it also has a deep and important meaning for Miguel's family. We absolutely loved it when this song was performed on big stages with a passion, but when little Miguel sang it, barely holding back tears, to his Mama Coco in a last hope to make her remember her Papa, no one was able not to cry.

1. Bing Bong — Inside Out

The first Inside Out movie was an emotional rollercoaster — like, literally. When Joy was stuck in Riley's memory trying to bring back her core memories, she met Bing Bong — Riley's imaginary childhood friend who had his own song and a rocket. Well, this very rocket helped Joy make it out of the oblivion... but she was the only one to find her way out. Bing Bong basically sacrificed himself — and it was more than just a death scene, it was the end of Riley's childhood that truly made us cry.