5 Highest-Grossing Movies of 2023 by Far

5 Highest-Grossing Movies of 2023 by Far
Image credit: Warner Bros./Universal Pictures

This year has seen a great number of big-name releases so far, but not all of them were actually successful. Can’t say that about these five movies: they definitely hit the jackpot!

5. Fast X

Believe it or not, the tenth installment of Vin Diesel ’s notorious franchise did it again. Even despite mixed reviews, Fast X managed to earn over $704M at the box office worldwide. While the profit was not that significant considering the movie’s $340M production budget, the numbers clearly show that the audience still craves fancy cars and epic explosions.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

The finale of the beloved trilogy attracted oh so many people to their local theaters as they came to bid their farewells to Chris Pratt ’s iconic Star-Lord. The movie managed to gross over $845M worldwide, and with a production budget of $250M, it turned quite a hefty profit for Marvel. James Gunn must be really proud of that (and he deserves it).

3. Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan ’s three-hour-long biopic about the father of the atomic bomb has shattered one too many records so far and it’s not slowing down yet. At this point, Oppenheimer has already earned over $890M worldwide against the production budget of $200M, and director Nolan seems quite intent on passing the $1B mark after the Chinese release of the film.

2. The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The first 2023 movie to actually pass the huge $1B mark, The Super Mario Bros. Movie cost over $100M to make, but it was a sensationally well-put investment. The animated film earned over $1.36B worldwide, and while few people really expected such success from the animated Italian plumber, he proved all the skeptics wrong by becoming the richest plumber to have ever plumbed.

1. Barbie

Surprise, surprise, Barbie is the apex predator of 2023! Greta Gerwig set quite a few records with her latest movie, including becoming the first female director whose film passed the $1B mark, but then she got carried away. Earning $1.40B worldwide from a movie that cost around $200M to produce is a sure way to be set for life, and Gerwig pulled it off beautifully.