5 Most Disturbing Things Homelander Did in 'The Boys' Season 3

5 Most Disturbing Things Homelander Did in 'The Boys' Season 3
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And the season is not even finished yet.

Anthony Starr's Homelander is perhaps the most perfect combination of a villain being truly sinister and incredibly pathetic at the same time. Most of the unsettling moments in 'The Boys ' are brought to you by this guy, up to the point when fans are not even flinching when he hits or abuses someone, or, say, casually kills a civilian.

But season 3 has delivered a lot of truly disturbing moments that show that Homelander can, in fact, get worse with every new chapter of the story.

So before we get to witness whatever atrocities the finale has prepared for us, let's take a look back at the most off-putting and chilling Homelander moments of season 3.

Visiting Stormfront in the Hospital

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Naturally, things go wrong right from the start, with Homelander spending the entirely of the first episode trying to convince the media that he simply "fell for a wrong woman" as he grasped to explain his relationship with Stormfront, an openly Nazi supervillain.

Stormfront being a "wrong woman" does not prevent Homelander from visiting her at her hospital bed and… having sex with her as she, being as disfigured as she is, continues to convince him that the world needs a master race. Everything in this scene, from actions to words, was as disturbing as it could possibly be.

Annual Birthday Save

Preventing a desperate girl from committing suicide? That's what heroes do. For Homelander, that was apparently some sort of a birthday tradition. Only in case with this one, the tradition has gone horribly wrong.

The Jewish girl who is about to jump off the roof is certainly not ready to do it, but Homelander does his best to make her feel bad, condescendingly offering help for the cameras. Perhaps, the incident would just be awkward and embarrassing, if it was not for the news of Stormfront committing suicide that appeared at the very moment Homelander was about to save the girl.

Something snaps in his brain, and instead of his annual birthday save, Homelander pushes the girl to jump, and when she is visibly disturbed and just wants to get out of that roof alive and safe, America's greatest hero simply shoots her off the roof with his lasers.

You Want to Fly?

When Homelander and Starlight make their fictional romance go public, even though Annie is visibly appalled by him and Homelander only does it for approval ratings and in order to dominate, there is a "lovely" exchange at some point in episode 4. After the two meet a crowd of journalists with flashing cameras, Homelander asks Starlight if she is down for flying home instead of hopping into a car.

Annie tries to say no, but Homelander manipulates her into agreeing by hyping up the crowd. As long as there are cameras, he is a lovely boyfriend about to pull off a romantic gesture as he pledges that there is "a view" he "really wants to show her".

But as soon as they arrive on yet another roof, Homelander reveals "the view": it is the mutilated body of Supersonic, whom Starlight was trying to recruit to stand up to Homelander.

The narcissist superhero makes Starlight repeat after him that next time, if she does not abandon her "play" against him, "that'll be Hughie". She cries, but repeats. Homelander leaves her on the roof, telling her to find her own way home.

Eat the Octopus!

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We all know that The Deep has his own disturbing ways, like fancying sea creatures in… a variety of ways. Over the course of the season's first episodes, we get to know that The Deep has made friends with an Octopus named Timothy. Weird? Perhaps. But Homelander is no stranger to turning things from weird to outright disturbing, isn't he?

At some point, while throwing a little dinner for the members of the Seven, Homelander invites The Deep as well. One might expect some fancy dishes, but for The Deep, things escalate into a nightmare pretty quickly: he discovers Timothy on his plate.

Homelander forces him to eat the octopus, and it seems that The Deep's friendship with it doesn't matter to him. In the end, Deep has to force the octopus into his throat, and we have to witness blank ink oozing from his mouth. One of the grossest moments of the entire season 3 that's for sure.

Milking a Cow

Okay, no gore, violence and bizarre sexual encounters this time. It's just Homelander milking a cow. Nothing else. But rest assured it looks cringe-worthy at best and very disturbing at worst, because this guy's relationship with breast milk is just insane.

In the most recent episode of 'The Boys', 'Here Comes a Candle to Light Your Bed', Homelander is milking a cow, but he does it with an extremely unsettling face expression and while breathing in a very weird way.

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He is clearly turned on by the process, but that's not even the end of it. The end of it is that he proceeds to drink what he milked, continuing the unwanted tradition of behaving in an unsavory way when it comes to breast milk. We just didn't need to see this… as well as all of the other things you've just read, right?