5 Riverdale Storylines So Wild They Made The Show Feel Like A Fever Dream

5 Riverdale Storylines So Wild They Made The Show Feel Like A Fever Dream
Image credit: The CW

It’s not that easy to pick just five.

Season 7 aside, Riverdale was a lot even before the time jump. From the very first season, many viewers couldn't believe what was happening on their screens, and that feeling only grew as time went on.

From becoming secret agents to getting superpowers, the lives of these 17-year-olds were more exciting than anyone could have ever imagined.

If you already miss the chaos that Riverdale was, we suggest you remember these 5 storylines you would never expect to see in another teen drama.

The Farm

Let's just agree that for a small, mundane town, Riverdale had too many villains and cults. The Farm was one of them, and more unnecessary than interesting, many believe. A cult that harvests people for their organs doesn't sound too far from reality, but the leader escaping in his own personal rocket is more futuristic than any of us can imagine...yet.

Percival Pickens

After everyone in Riverdale became superhuman, it was only expected that the show would introduce a supervillain to match. However, Percival Pickens was a bit too much even for the show's most hardcore fans. An immortal, cartoonishly evil character who made a deal with the devil himself? Really?

Chic & Charles

Though relationship drama is more expected on a teen show than occultism and a whole bunch of crime, this one got crazy pretty fast. After Chic shows up at Alice's house as her long-lost son, but turns out to be an imposter, it is revealed that her real son is Charles. What viewers didn't know is that Chic and Charles are pretty close... and not in a familiar way at all.

The Mothmen

We would not be surprised if Jughead was actually taken by the aliens to learn the lore of the Mothmen. And that would be more believable than the clan of Cheryl Blossom's inbred descendants hiding in the woods and kidnapping poor Riverdale citizens. Even weirder, this is how the show explains the disappearance of Betty's sister Polly.

Kevin’s Part-Time Job

For some reason, all people remember when they blame Riverdale for overly sexualizing teenagers is Betty’s striptease. However, there is one character who’s entire storyline was built on selling tickle videos of him and his partner online. Too bad, it was also the only separate Kevin’s arc that anyone remembers of.