5 Things Barbie Sequel Must Do To Beat The Original

5 Things Barbie Sequel Must Do To Beat The Original
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The Barbie world needs to be explored further.

Greta Gerwig's Barbie is one of the biggest movie hits (if not the biggest) this year.

Barbie easily joined the billion dollar club in box office and left audiences wanting more. So if there's ever going to be a Barbie 2, its creators have some big shoes to fill.

And here are some things they should consider to make the new movie even more successful.

1. A New Barbie Is What We Need

There was nothing wrong with the previous portrayal of Barbie, Margot Robbie did an excellent job playing the "stereotypical" basic version of the doll and made her believable and sympathetic. However, it would be great to see the new movie focus on a specific Barbie doll, like the one with a real job: a doctor, a writer, a businesswoman, etc.

It would be much more fascinating to see how they try to deal with the problems they face every day in the real world as women.

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2. More Of Allan’s Backstory

The only other male doll except for Ken in Barbie Land is Allan, but his backstory isn’t as highlighted as everybody else’s. He seems to be the one of a kind doll, and it’s based on real life: there was really one Allan doll ever created.

However, the movie makes him a worthy character and gives him a real personality, despite him being a sort of an outcast. Barbie 2 needs to make Allan one of the main characters and explore his story.

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3. More Mattel Dolls Can Appear

There really were a lot of different Barbies and Kens in the movie, but the universe does not end with them. There are so many other dolls in the franchise that are worth mentioning, but were only in the movie for a brief moment or weren't featured at all. There should be a diverse world of Barbies in the second movie to make it more relatable.

4. Ken’s Story Can Become a Lesson

When Ryan Gosling's character Beach Ken realized that the real world was nothing like the one in Barbie Land, his mind was blown. The problem of sexism and full-on patriarchy was something huge for him to discover. So Barbie 2 can make him a tool to make this new realization be taught to all the Kens of the world. Beach Ken can make a difference, just give him a chance!

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5. Greta Gerwig Is The Key

Barbie’s director Greta Gerwig continues to receive well-deserved praise for her work on the movie. She was also the co-writer of the script, and she managed to put her real life experience with the Barbie world into it and make the story so special. So if there's a sequel in the works, there's no way another director takes her place.