5 TV Roles Cast So Well They Could Never Be Played By Anyone Else

5 TV Roles Cast So Well They Could Never Be Played By Anyone Else
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No remakes of these masterpieces are allowed.

After a movie or TV show comes out, it's hard to imagine any other actor in any other role. Of course, if it's an adaptation of any kind, the fans of the books already have their headcanons, which usually don't match the reality of casting. But in almost every other case, the role is secured behind the actor... before the next remake comes along.

There aren't many roles that are so iconic that no one else could play them. While it's hard to deny the talent of the majority of Hollywood actors, there are many people who could fit a certain type. Whether it's a romantic lead or an action hero, there are no irreplaceable people...

...except these 5. Here are some TV characters that could never be played by any other actor. And if they were, the producers would have to expect a huge backlash.

No One Could Do Shameless’ Frank Gallagher Like William H. Macy

You have to have a certain amount of charisma to play a character like that and still make him at least somewhat likable. A raging alcoholic, an abusive and neglectful father, utterly disgusting, and yet charming enough to be loved by someone. Macy's talent is exactly what made Frank Gallagher so complex, and without him, Shameless wouldn't be half as good.

House of Cards Without Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood? Never

If the $39 million that Netflix lost by losing its star from the show isn't proof enough, then the reviews for House of Cards should convince you. As horrible as the allegations against Spacey were, the actor was the only one who could save House of Cards from failure, and without him, the show turned out to be one of the most unsuccessful productions.

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The Office Would Be Nothing Without Steve Carell’s Michael Scott

In reality, there was a chance for Steve Carell to be involved in another sitcom, which would give the role of Michael Scott to another very talented actor, Bob Odenkirk. However, The Office would never be the same if that were to happen, and it probably wouldn't have the same charm either. There is only one Michael Scott in our hearts.

Mariska Hargitay Is The Only Possible Olivia Benson For Law & Order: SVU

There is no other actress who could not only perfectly capture the strong personality of Olivia Benson, but also elevate it and take it to a whole other level over the years. Hargitay's amazing work ethic is another reason to be sure that there can only be one true Olivia Benson.

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The Sopranos Would Never Work Without James Gandolfini’s Tony

Long before HBO blew our minds with Succession, they already had a perfect hit with very complicated family dynamics, The Sopranos. And no one could portray the complexity of Tony Soprano's character, with all the responsibility that weighed on his shoulders, as well as James Gandolfini. He was the first antihero we really loved, and there is no higher praise than that.