5 TV Series To Binge Before Young Sheldon S7 Comes Out

5 TV Series To Binge Before Young Sheldon S7 Comes Out
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There's always a fun way to pass the time.

With both the WGA and SAG AFTRA strikes going on at the same time, it's safe to assume that your favorite shows will be on hiatus for much longer than before. Since there is no way to continue production on most of their scripted series, the networks are working hard to change their fall schedules.

CBS, which airs Young Sheldon, is no different. Although there will still be something to watch, as the network is borrowing already-made content from its sister streaming service Paramount Plus, you may find yourself missing the vibe of your favorite sitcom.
Here are 5 shows to watch if you miss Young Sheldon a little too much and don't know how to pass the time until the strike ends.

Malcolm in the Middle

If you want to see a genius kid struggling to go through his teenhood in a dysfunctional lower-middle-class family. You won't get the '80s vibes from the show, but you'll still feel a lot of nostalgia facing a lot of early '00s pop culture references and trends.


Atypical is more of a dramedy than a sitcom, but it also has a component of somebody different from the rest of the world trying to fit into society and navigate the first years of his adulthood. An 18-year-old kid on an autism spectrum and his overprotective family, what can go wrong?

Fresh Off the Boat

A sitcom that will bring you a few decades back to the '90s is Fresh Off The Boat. Loosely based on the real-life events of Eddie Huang, the show focuses on a Taiwanese-American family which relocates to Florida to pursue a father's dream of building a family business.

Everybody Hates Chris

The show was inspired by the childhood memories of the American comedian Chris Rock, and set from 1982 to 1987. Instead of living in the middle of Texas, as Sheldon Cooper does, Chris spends his days in a neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

The Middle

Not to get mixed with Malcolm in the Middle, this show follows a life of a simple family in Indiana, facing the day-to-day struggles of home life. Just like Young Sheldon, the series is set to happen in the middle of an American suburb and tend to issues of any lower middle-class family.