5 TV Shows You Should Never Binge In One Go According To Reddit

5 TV Shows You Should Never Binge In One Go According To Reddit
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Try to savor every moment.

The days of waiting a whole week to see a new episode of a show on TV are long gone. If something has already been filmed and released, there is no need to search for it and try to catch a rerun. Thanks to streaming services, it's easy for anyone to binge-watch a TV show in a matter of days.

While many see this technology as a blessing, others believe that it has changed the way we consume media in a way that it never should have. Now, a good half of the shows that used to be considered good don't seem the same, simply because viewers refuse to take a break.

Here are 5 TV shows from the r/television subreddit that are available to binge on online platforms, but would be much better taken slowly.

House M.D (2004-2012)

Since every episode of the show remains a mystery until the very end, the fun would be lost if you watched too many episodes at once. Although they are all good, and the show as a whole is worth watching, it uses the same formula over and over again, and at some point, it would simply become unbearable to watch more.

Sopranos (1999-2007)

While there was certainly an overarching story that tied all of The Sopranos together, the show was very episodic. The risk of binging a show like that would be that one episode would overshadow the others, which is simply unfair for such a cinematic and iconic show. Also, you would probably get annoyed by the number of loose ends that go nowhere.

MASH (1972-1983)

You could easily use any other sitcom produced in the past to fill this space, but as a show that was repeated on TV quite a bit, MASH is a great example. Back in the day, no one really cared about story continuity, so episodes were written more like stand-alone sketches. Binging them all just makes no sense.

Breaking Bad ( 2008-2013)

Those who watched Breaking Bad as it was released weekly on television and those who watched it online at the pace they were able to would probably have different experiences and different opinions of the show. The longer you wait, the more you get invested in Walter's machinations and start rooting for them to pay off.

Shameless (2011-2021)

Binge-watching a show like Shameless just makes you constantly angry at every single character on the show. The breaks are needed not to really understand the plot, but to calm down before the next storm of emotions hits. With so many characters so deeply traumatized and flawed, and doing so many foolish things, it's hard to call Shameless a pleasant binge.

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