5 Upcoming MCU Projects That Have the Potential to Save It From Misery

5 Upcoming MCU Projects That Have the Potential to Save It From Misery
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has never faced this much criticism before – and maybe for a good reason. But is there hope?

After the anticlimactic box office performance of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and amid the descending hype around the MCU, Phase Five has got quite a lot of challenges to tackle.

And while many MCU fans are already losing hope, opting for binging good old classics like the Avengers series instead of keeping up with Marvel's new ideas, some of the upcoming projects do spark optimism.

Loki ( season 2)

Immediately after its release, Loki season 2 trailer has broken the record, bringing 80 million online views in a milestone that marked Disney Plus' biggest online trailer debut ever. The first season of the show dedicated solely to the adventures of the God of Mischief remains Marvel's most-watched series on the platform; and Tom Hiddleston's character is among the few "old faces" in the MCU.

Needless to say, he is also a huge fan-favorite; so even if you abandoned all hope for the MCU, Loki season 2 may have you back in front of the silver screen.

The Marvels

You can be as skeptical about Captain Marvel and her future teammates in the form of Ms Marvel and Monica Rambeau as you wish, but let's admit it: the trailer looks fun.

The team looks charismatic, Brie Larson once again proves haters wrong by actually changing Captain Marvel's facial expressions, and finally, someone delivers an honest reaction to a mutant alien cat who occasionally turns into a devouring monster!

Deadpool 3

Deadpool is a newcomer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Ryan Reynolds may be just the person the MCU needs to save it from misery. Besides, the return of Hugh Jackman to his iconic role of Wolverine is something to be excited about — even if he doesn't stay for too long.

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Scheduled for 2024, Thunderbolts may be a fun take on the idea of "anti-Avengers," potentially doing the trick that DC's Suicide Squad never quite nailed. Sebastian Stan 's Bucky Barnes is basically the only one in the team who can be considered an "old face," but maybe the newbies such as Wyatt Russel 's US Agent or Florence Pugh 's Yelena Belova will use their chance to become the new fan favorites.


Unless it finds itself in limbo once again, Blade could be a good bet for Marvel Studios. It has it all: the iconic character, Mahershala Ali in the title role, and just enough potential to drum up the excitement for the MCU once again.

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Still, the only thing that overshadows the potential hype for the Blade reboot is the fact that it has already lost its director, Bassam Tariq; and the ongoing writers and actors strike doesn't help. But we have our fingers crossed for Blade's 2025 release date, and we'll be ready to sink our teeth into the Daywalker's story once it arrives on big screens!