6 Breathtaking Scenes That (Almost) Redeemed Garbage Movies

6 Breathtaking Scenes That (Almost) Redeemed Garbage Movies
Image credit: New Line Cinema, Sony Pictures Releasing

The way our jaws dropped in that Final Destination scene.

Even in cinematic underperformers, you can find hidden gems — the scenes that shine through the mediocrity. Here are six of the most incredible scenes buried in not-so-good movies.

1. Final Destination 5 (2011)

Final Destination 5 follows the usual franchise pattern of people having premonitions and barely escaping death. While the fifth installment didn't follow the success of the first movie, the ending of Final Destination 5 turned things upside down in the best possible way.

After escaping their fate, the survivors board a plane to Paris, which turns out to be Flight 180 — the same plane that exploded at the beginning of the first Final Destination movie. This revelation makes Final Destination 5 a prequel to the original, adding a twist that leaves everyone speechless.

2. The Break-Up (2006)

Peyton Reed's romantic comedy-drama may not be on the list of top rom-com hits but it features a brilliantly acted and ultimately funny scene of all time. Gary and Brooke's heated argument escalates into a bitter battle as they both fight to keep their luxurious apartment away from their ex-partner.

The breakup becomes nastier when the couple starts referring to each other's family members. The moment with a reference to Brooke's sister leads to the all-time hilarious response from Vince Vaughn's character.

3. In Time (2011)

While the film has its flaws, there is a poignant and emotionally charged scene in which Justin Timberlake's protagonist, Will Salas, rushes to his mother, Rachel Salas, in an attempt to transfer some of his remaining time to her, but tragically, she dies a split second before he reaches her.

This incredible moment in the movie is a turning point for Will and spurs him to action against the unjust social system in their dystopian world.

4. Ghost Ship (2002)

Ghost Ship is often criticized for its lackluster plot, but its opening scene is a masterclass in the horror genre.

Set on a creepy, abandoned cruise ship, the film begins with a cheerful dance scene, but things quickly turn sinister when a wire cuts through the dance floor, slicing through everyone on board, sparing only the young Katie, only to have her hanged a few moments later.

5. Ghost Rider (2007)

This 2007 movie may not have set the superhero genre on fire, but Nicolas Cage's transformation into Ghost Rider is a chilling and memorable moment.

Seeing Johnny Blaze portrayed as the polar opposite of his comic book character was painful, but seeing him transform into a flaming spirit of vengeance was a truly masterful moment.

6. Blade: Trinity (2004)

Despite being the black sheep of the trilogy, Blade: Trinity includes one of the best scenes of the entire franchise. When Blade stumbles upon a hidden chamber where rows of comatose humans are suspended in an eerie, clinical setting, he makes a dark and disturbing discovery: vampires imprison humans, rendering them unconscious, and using them as a source of blood.

This revelation not only provides striking visuals but also creates a truly disturbing atmosphere that adds depth to the franchise.