6 Lesser-Known Christmas Movies on Prime to Stream in December 2023

6 Lesser-Known Christmas Movies on Prime to Stream in December 2023
Image credit: BUFO, Encripta

Prepare to play Christmas Movie Bingo!

Let's be clear: we absolutely love a cheesy Christmas movie. Yes, we make fun of them – but that doesn't mean we won't play Christmas Movie Bingo ourselves, with an alcohol-laced hot chocolate in one hand and a sugar cookie in the other.

Christmas in Mississippi (2017)

Holly Logan goes back to her small town for the holidays. There, she offers to pitch in to help with the town's annual light show, which is being resurrected five years after a devastating hurricane. However, she soon learns that her extremely handsome ex is running the festival, so she considers backing out before the sparks begin to fly…

Christmas Movie Bingos:

  • Professional woman returns to her small town.
  • Small town is having a festival
  • Helpful local man might secretly be Santa Claus

Picture Perfect Royal Christmas (2020)

Amanda is the long-suffering assistant to Beatrice, an internationally famous photographer. When her boss is invited to the Kingdom of Pantrea to photograph a Christmas festival, Amanda goes instead – but under Beatrice's name. In Pantrea, she must navigate her snowballing lie as well as an attraction to the Kingdom's handsome Prince Leopold.

Christmas Movie Bingos:

  • A fictional foreign country where everyone is British for some reason
  • Heroine arrives under false pretenses, falls for a handsome Prince
  • Evil Royal Lady tries to undermine true love

Christmas Recipe for Romance (2019)

Abby runs a historic inn badly in need of renovations. When she learns of a cooking contest with $50,000 in prize money, she enlists a handsome chef to teach her how to cook – even though she will be competing against pros and is horrible in the kitchen. Of course, the entrees aren't the only thing that start to heat up.

Christmas Movie Bingos:

  • Heroine has to enter a competition in order to save the family business.
  • 'Sassy' heroine is really quite rude
  • Heroine and Hero both have a bizarre amount of free time on their hands

Snowbound for Christmas (2019)

Rachel really wants to impress her boss, Adrian – so she's thrilled when she earns a spot on a company trip, where she and Adrian will pitch to a major player at a winter resort. But when a snowstorm shuts down the area, they end up being trapped there all alone for the holidays (aside from an entire resort's worth of staff to cater to their every whim). Soon, they start falling for each other.

Christmas Movie Bingos:

  • Bad weather forces gorgeous people to notice each other's gorgeousness
  • Characters talk to themselves so the audience knows what they're thinking
  • Professionals talking 'professionally', but clearly the screenwriter just googled 'business talk' and used the first result that came up.

Christmas with a Prince (2018)

Tasha is a gorgeous pediatrician who once went to boarding school with the spoiled Prince Alexander of St. Savarre. The still-spoiled Prince Alex turns up in her hospital one day after an accident on a ski slope breaks his leg. He convinces Tasha to hide him in her ward to avoid unwanted publicity. Although at first repulsed by his entitlement, he treats the kids kindly and Tasha soon starts to fall in love.

Christmas Movie Bingos

  • A fictional foreign country where everyone is British for some reason
  • A Prince falls in love with an commoner, the other snoots are snooty about it
  • The roguish playboy turns out to have a heart of gold.

The Christmas Train (2017)

We'll wrap it up with The Christmas Train, a movie guaranteed to make you say: 'Wait, why is SHE/HE in this?!'

That's right, it's a Christmas movie starring legends like Danny Glover, Dermot Mulroney, and Joan Cusack, all passengers on 'The Christmas Train' (that phrase is said about five hundred times in the trailer alone.)

Mulroney plays a journalist who takes a train (a Christmas Train!) from Washington D.C. to L.A. On board, he runs into a number of colorful characters, as well as an old flame.

Christmas Movie Bingos

  • Old love made new again
  • Saying the word 'Christmas' over and over
  • Destiny saves the day