6 Reasons You'd Never Survive in 'The Walking Dead'

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Folks on The Walking Dead make it look kinda easy, surviving the consequences of a zombie apocalypse for years with their hair pretty and their clothes (mostly) clean.

You, on the other hand, will be eaten for breakfast no matter what – even if you have been binge-watching The Walking Dead and all of its spin-offs like crazy for the past couple of years, making notes and learning every survival trick in TWD book.

If you live in a large city near the outbreak, chances are you're probably going to be turned into a zombie first – because there's gonna be a lot of zombies there.

Even if you survived the initial zombie onslaught, the military will probably bomb the city to stop the spread and that'll probably find kill you.

If you're extremely obese or have a super-fast metabolism, you're going to die, because if you're obese, you won't be able to run away from the zombies. And if you're super skinny, then you won't have enough stored calories. And if you run out of food, you're going to be dead real quick right at the start of the apocalypse.

If you don't have firearm training, someone with firearm training will probably kill you and take your stuff.

If you have a child or an old person that you care for, chances are they're gonna drag you down and get you killed by zombies.

If you're extremely old or sick, you're probably not going to survive very long. If you find yourself in a hospital where the zombie apocalypses tend to start or need medications then you're probably doomed.

Fans mostly agree that The Walking Dead is probably the easiest zombie apocalypse to survive – compared to something like Resident Evil or Dying Light or World War Z. Walkers in TWD can't even climb stairs!

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