6 Tips That Could Well Be Your Lifeline If You Find Yourself Trapped In a Horror Movie

6 Tips That Could Well Be Your Lifeline If You Find Yourself Trapped In a Horror Movie
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"You have to shoot them in the head" — Randy Meeks.

Horror movies can be a thrilling experience until you find yourself trapped in one. While we are used to criticizing the actions of the main characters and wailing "don't do that, don't run there," it can be difficult to avoid classic horror movie mistakes when you personally encounter their supernatural or gruesome events.

Here is how you can boost your chances of survival in a horror movie with these 6 essential tips.

1. Never Split Up

Probably the most important rule for survival is to never split up under any circumstances, as characters who ignore this rule often meet a grim fate. It's a classic horror movie blunder, and the lesson must be clear: strength comes in numbers, so staying together is the best strategy for overcoming whatever challenges horror movies have lurking around the corner.

2. Always Finish Them Off

In horror movies, one of the most important lessons is to never assume that the threat is really gone, so if you have a chance to incapacitate or eliminate them, go all the way. Leaving monsters or villains wounded but alive can lead to their resurrection at the worst possible moment, and horror icons like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees have demonstrated this many times.

So basically take a "double tap" approach, as shown in Zombieland, and always make sure the threat is completely neutralized, eliminating any chance of their return.

3. Just Keep Driving

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Your first instinct may be to explore or help if you find yourself in an unfamiliar or scary place, or if you notice a stranger hitchhiking. However, it's often the best thing to do to stay in your vehicle and drive away from the danger, as several movies have shown the terrible results of ignoring this rule.

Keep in mind that in horror movies, remote areas are often the site of gruesome surprises, as even a quick pit stop can have disastrous consequences.

4. Avoid Abandoned Houses

When you're thrust into the nightmarish world of a horror movie, one of the cardinal rules to remember is to avoid large houses or old, abandoned buildings at all costs. Haunted houses, abandoned asylums, and deserted cabins — these eerie locales have become staples of the genre for a reason, as they are the quintessential settings for hauntings, supernatural forces, and all sorts of sinister happenings.

Unless you're a trained ghostbuster or exorcist, stay away from such places.

5. Keep The Weapon

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Forgetting about self-defense and simply arming themselves with their fists is a common and outrageously stupid mistake in horror movies. If you encounter a useful weapon, whether it's a firearm, a strong pipe, or even a kitchen knife, hold on to it.

It's important to keep any weapon, regardless of size or type, handy during and after a confrontation. An empty gun can still be used as a bat and is far better than being left defenseless. Just be sure to use it wisely and remember tip number two: always finish them off.

6. Never Drive Behind Full Trucks

We all have a vivid memory of the road rage incident from Final Destination 2 that to this day has people all over the world on edge while driving. It may seem like a small detail, but driving behind a full truck in a horror movie can lead to unforeseen disasters.

Objects, monsters, or even creatures of the supernatural often make surprise appearances from the cargo. Stay aware and keep a safe distance when driving behind these potentially dangerous vehicles.

Does that Final Destination scene unintentionally pop into your mind every time you drive behind the truck?