7 Best Sci-Fi Shows on Apple TV+ If You Need a Void To Fall Into (In a Good Way)

7 Best Sci-Fi Shows on Apple TV+ If You Need a Void To Fall Into (In a Good Way)
Image credit: Apple TV+

Fall is coming, which means one should be ready to binge, covered in a blanket and armed with a cup of hot cocoa.

Apple TV+ has proven recently that it excels at sci-fi shows, providing viewers who are fond of space travels, dystopian landscapes, plasma cannons, and time machines with top-notch content. Seriously, anything we just listed is easily findable — and bingeable — on the platform, but if you're looking for the best of the best, strap yourselves in.

Check out these 7 sci-fi shows streaming on Apple TV+ right now, and you'll always be ready to keep a conversation among the most well-versed geeks there.

Silo ( 2023-present)

The first season of this dystopian show based on Hugh Howey's novels was like a lightning out of the blue — just as fast, just as bright, just as exciting. With every episode ending on a cliffhanger, once you turn Silo on and emerge yourself into the chaotic and toxic world where people are forced to live underground, not knowing just how dangerous the outside is, there's no escape. Either you'll binge all episodes at once, or you drop it on chapter 1.

Foundation (2021-present)

If you are in need of something more lasting, then Foundation is just what you're looking for. This one is also based on a book series, written by Isaac Asimov, and it's just as dystopian as Silo, but make it a space adventure. You'll be taken on a journey to a crumbling galactic empire with people desperately trying their best to rebuild society and culture.

Invasion (2021-present)

Keep the aliens, but return to Earth with Invasion — an Apple TV show that focuses on five drastically different people that are trying to survive during an alien attack on our green planet. Place your bets and watch them adapting, surviving, and protecting what's important for them in the middle of an alien-induced chaos.

Severance ( 2022-present)

Currently in turmoil because of its team's creative differences and ongoing strikes, Severance may have you in a chokehold once you finish binging it. The show revolves around several people who have willingly "severed" their minds and thus produced two personalities of theirs: the first one goes to work and knows nothing about the world outside of it, and the second one gets to live the life. What could go wrong in this world of work-life balance? Spoiler alert: pretty much everything.

Amazing Stories (2020)

Hey, Teen Wolf fans, missing Dylan O'Brien? Come closer, we have a treat for you. Amazing Stories is an anthology series based on the eponymous 1985 original, and it has everything from paranormal mysteries to time travelling. We can't promise werewolves, though.

See (2019-2022)

And if it's Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones and Aquaman that you're missing, go stream Apple TV's See. You'll get three seasons focusing on the society that has lost its sense of sight and therefore had to learn to survive relying on other senses. Oh, and prepare yourself for a bombshell that awaits on you in the third and final season!

Snoopy in Space (2019-2021)

Alright, enough with the dystopia and depression. For those who want to binge something fun and light-hearted, Snoopy in Space is a perfect choice on Apple TV. Snoopy has been around for a long time, being a loveable beagle who you might recognize if you loved the Peanuts films and comics. This show has plenty of space adventures, but without the dystopian vibe of Foundation or Invasion. Each episode is only around 8 minutes, and the show has 24 of those. Enjoy!