7 Celebrities Who Graced General Hospital with Unforgettable Guest Appearances

7 Celebrities Who Graced General Hospital with Unforgettable Guest Appearances
Image credit: ABC

Bet you didn't notice these epic cameos!

Iconic TV series like General Hospital have this uncanny knack for drawing in viewers and making us feel like part of the story. And they often feature something super exciting that can spice things up even more — celebrity guest stars.

General Hospital, with its record-breaking run, has had its fair share of spectacular star-studded moments.

George Takei

Mr. Hikaru Sulu from Star Trek graced the General Hospital set back in 1985. As Mr. Diem, Takei stepped in to curb the violence in the town. But there was a twist — Mr. Diem was in cahoots with an Asian mobster named Chaing Wu.

When this plot was uncovered, chaos ensued, leading to Diem's untimely demise.

Gloria Stuart

After her impressive comeback with the award-winning performance in Titanic, Gloria Stuart appeared in a special New Year's Eve episode of General Hospital. She played Catherine, wife of mobster Marco Flynn and former owner of The Flynn's Club, which operated in the basement of Kelly's Diner.

James Franco

Surprisingly, James Franco popped up in General Hospital too, portraying an eccentric artist and — hold your breath — serial killer. His character was so chilling and impactful that the show's creators decided to bring him back, recasting the role with soap-favorite Roger Howarth.

Chandra Wilson

Who is a more welcomed guest star in a hospital drama than Chandra Wilson? The Grey's Anatomy actress appeared in General Hospital twice, first playing a patient and then a family therapist, helping to smooth out the characters' pre-wedding jitters.

Demi Moore

Before her Hollywood breakthrough, Demi Moore joined General Hospital in 1982, playing investigative journalist Jackie Templeton. The character was brought back to the show in 2020, with actress Kim Delaney playing Jackie instead of Moore.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor made an unforgettable appearance in General Hospital as Helena Cassadine, who attended Luke and Laura's wedding to cast a curse on the lovers.

Meghan Markle

Before she turned royal, Meghan Markle was making strides in Hollywood, and one of her early TV appearances was on General Hospital. Markle had a brief stint in a 2002 episode, playing a nurse named Jill.

Did you catch any of these celebrities on General Hospital?