7 New TV Shows On Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max And More This Weekend (April 15)

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From long-awaited Kardashians comeback to naughty secrets of Britain’s elite, with Josh Brolin's, Nicole Kidman's and other Hollywood A-listers' projects in-between: here's a list of new releases on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu and other streaming platforms to watch this weekend.

1. Hard Cell

April 12, Netflix

Not to be compared to another prison themes-heavy hit 'Orange is the New Black', 'Hard Cell' is a Netflix comedy series, infused with the very particular brand of British humor. Catherine Tate has written, directed and starred in a moc-doc set in a women's prison HMP Woldsley. With many critics mentioning somewhat questionable humor of the series (poo jokes, anyone?), 'Hard Cell' left its viewers divided: some are just happy to see Tate came back swinging, and some calling the series "too much," although it does get better in later episodes.

Why you should watch this: Catherine Tate at her brutal humorous best, playing 6 different characters.

2. Ice Age: Scrat Tales

April 13, Disney+

Feeling old yet? Scrat has a baby now, but priorities are still the same as always: get that acorn now, deal with everything else later. There's just one problem, though: adorable Baby Scrat is as capable of chasing his food as his father, so this one father-son bond is going to be hilarious.

Why you should watch this: yes, it's Disney capitalizing on the most adorable 'Ice Age' character yet again, but, come on, Scrat AND cute Baby Scrat? There bound to be some warm and fuzzy family feelings we just can't miss.

3. The Kardashians

April 14, Hulu

One of the most famous Hollywood families is back in the business of oversharing, over-reacting and basically being The Kardashians all over again. There's more drama to be filmed and more challenges to be faced as Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie run their billion-dollar businesses, raise kids and deal with messy-as-ever personal relationships in light of the recent Kim & Kanye divorce, subsequent Kim-Kanye-Pete Davidson drama and Kortney's "fake marriage".

Why you should watch this: once a KUWTK fans – always a fan, so whether you actually should watch 'The Kardashians' is out of the question entirely for many of us. Still, 'The Kardashians' is a pretty entertaining reality show with raw emotions, meme-able moments and a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of rich and famous.

4. The Garcias

April 14, HBO Max

Classic "family vacation gone wrong" – now on HBO Max rebooting 'The Brothers Garcia' sitcom. Lighthearted and wholesome family comedy centers on extended Garcia family, with three generations travelling together to beautiful Riviera Maya in Mexico only to see their holiday plans go up in flames spectacularly.

Why you should watch this: easily likeable characters, simple but relatable premise, family-friendly humor. Oh, and also: really cute kids.

5. Roar

April 15, Apple+

An Apple TV+ original project, 'Roar' is anthology drama series exploring hot subjects like identity and gender roles in the present-day world. Eight chapters offer a glimpse into darkly comedic feminist stories, with early reviews praising "intriguing and smart" storytelling approach.

Why you should watch this: as always, brilliant acting performances by Nicole Kidman (who also co-produced the series), Issa Rae, Cynthia Erivo and the rest of the stellar cast, interesting and very relatable commentary on women's experience.

6. Outer Range

April 15, Amazon

Western mystery telling a story of an ordinary rancher from a small town, fighting for his land and an opportunity to provide for his family, who one day unknowingly stumbles upon an unfathomable mystery. With its particular blend of 'Yellowstone' family drama and supernatural thrillers, 'Outer Range' gears up to be one of the most standout new releases of spring 2022.

Why you should watch this: an impressive cast lead by Josh Brollin and Imogen Poots, solid enough supernatural mystery plot, pretty enticing throughout all 8 episodes.

7. Anatomy of a Scandal

April 15, Netflix

Anthology series by the one and only David E. Kelley, creator of 'The Practice', 'Boston Legal' and 'Ally McBeal', centers on different scandals around Britain's political elite. The series, consisting of 6 chapters, was adapted from the novel of the same name by Sarah Vaughan, ex-The Guardian reporter. Part psychological thriller, part courtroom drama, 'Anatomy of a Scandal' is what Kelley does best, mixing juicy tabloid drama with intense standoffs in courtrooms and government offices.

Why you should watch this: star-studded cast includes Sienna Miller, Michelle Dockery, Rupert Friend, Naomi Scott – it's British finest with rather saucy personal details spilled.

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