8 Johnny Depp Films Hollywood Tried to Bury (But We Dug Them Up)

8 Johnny Depp Films Hollywood Tried to Bury (But We Dug Them Up)
Image credit: Legion-Media

Johnny Depp is a pretty unpopular guy right now. Despite winning a lawsuit filed by his former wife Amber Heard and clearing his name of allegations, Hollywood continues to blacklist him.

While some aspects of Depp's private life may raise some eyebrows, he is still a wonderful actor and we tried to give him some justice by highlighting 8 of his movies that Hollywood tries to bury.

Blacklisting an actor as prominent as Depp is not an easy thing to do, and the great performances he has produced in the movies listed above are the real proof as to why the actor will never really disappear from the public consciousness.

Depp's illustrious decade-long career includes a number of well-known hits, but his real talents can be found in smaller productions that are rarely talked about by movie buffs or even critics. Take "Dead Man" for example - this ominous little indie from director Jim Jarmusch features Depp at the height of his powers, and the fact that this film is not considered one of the best of the 90's is truly puzzling.

Besides, Depp's talents can make even the most boring movie fun and engaging! Watching "Sleepy Hollow" without Depp would have been a total drag, but thankfully the beloved actor stepped in to make this mystical drama a must-see.

Think what you will about Depp as a person, but he is still one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood.