9 Movie Couples That Ended Up Dating in Real Life

9 Movie Couples That Ended Up Dating in Real Life
Image credit: Legion-Media

It happens more often than you think: the pair of actors stars in a romance movie, they play out the love story, and after the filming is over, the feelings stay in place, and the actors end up dating each other, just like their characters did.

And sure, sometimes these real-life flicks are too short-lived and last until the residue from the on-screen romance stays, but these couples stayed together for quite some time.

If your meet-cute involves working together on a love story, chances are that some of the feelings that your character feels will rub off on you, and the same can be said about your counterpart.

But in real life, you'll be dealing with a real person, not the character they portray, and they're gonna be dealing with the real you, too, and that can be challenging.

Not every couple that formed on the set stood the test of time because of that, but those who did deserve all the applause.

It's hard to keep relationships going even for those without the spotlight on them, but when magazines follow your every step and mock your feelings, saying that you couldn't let go of your character, it's harder.