911 Wasted a Whole Bunch of Female Characters for Nothing

911 Wasted a Whole Bunch of Female Characters for Nothing
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It’s a shame these girls were never given a chance.


  • 911 is a procedural drama that originated on Fox and was picked up by ABC for its 7th season.
  • The show follows the professional and personal lives of Los Angeles' first responders.
  • Eddie Diaz and Evan Buckley are two young firefighters who never seem to find romance.
  • Fans believe the reason their romantic partners feel so shallow is because 911 doesn't try to fit them into the group.

From the very beginning of 911, fans fell in love with each of the show's characters and quickly became invested in their personal journeys. While there is much more to the epic procedural than the drama, it's the nuance and deep thought behind each interpersonal relationship that has kept viewers hooked for so long.

Unfortunately, the show seems to have lost its way when it comes to the love lives of the two young and hot male leads, Eddie Diaz and Evan Buckley. Both have had quite a few romantic interests throughout the show's run, but both seem to be very unlucky when it comes to love.

While many Buddie shippers out there believe that each messy breakup is just another step that will lead them back into each other's arms, others try to find a reason why not a single girlfriend felt right enough to stay.

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Will 911’s Buck and Eddie End Up Together?

It is almost impossible to predict what the 911 writers will do with Buck and Eddie. On the one hand, the fans of the show have been nagging the writers for years to bring these two characters together, but that is exactly why giving in now would be a little awkward and out of character.

What we might get if Buddie does get together is either a very thoughtful story of self-discovery for both of them, or a rushed, uncomfortable fan service. The first option sounds great, if only the writers could pull it off!

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However, if both characters remain canonically straight, the question of their past girlfriends will still be there. Fans, however, think they know the answer: the team behind 911 didn't let the characters shine as part of the ensemble. That doesn't necessarily mean they have to be first responders, but they have to feel like part of the group.

“The problems with Buck's and Eddie's romantic partners over the last 3 seasons all come down to one thing — lack of development. Lack of development is then made worse by lack of chemistry between the actors,” Redditor AirlineDazzling1986 said.

All the women in both Buck's and Eddie's lives came and went so quickly that they didn't have a chance to settle down, develop and grow with the audience. They had nice personalities and interesting stories, but they never felt like part of the 118 family. Maybe the show was trying to do that with Lucy, but the rough start killed all their chances.

Whoever Buck and Eddie end up with, the only thing people want is for the romance to be believable in terms of both chemistry and story. Be sure to tune in to ABC on March 14 for the season 7 premiere of 911.