A Surprising Character Jensen Ackles Wanted to Include More on 'Supernatural'

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Both Dean and Sam Winchesters had a tough time on 'Supernatural', sometimes serving as vessels for angels and demons. So technically, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki did not only portray the Winchester brothers but also plenty of other characters.

Enjoying a couple of flashbacks during the 'Supernatural' fan convention in New Jersey, Jensen Ackles revealed that he would have liked to see more of his character's dark sides, especially in Purgatory and during Dean's demonic tenure.

Jensen is a long-time big fan of Purgatory and Demon versions of Dean. In season 7, his character had to arm himself with a machete and go through Purgatory while butchering some leviathans, blessing us all with those nearly black-and-white visuals. Demon Dean was something that we had to experience in season 10, shortly after Dean was stabbed to death by villain angel Metatron, only to be resurrected in his demonic alter-ego due to the Mark of Cain he had on his arm.

However, both Purgatory Dean and Demon Dean went away too quick, according to many fans. This is especially relatable to those who enjoyed the Dean-mon arc too much for it to be over just after three episodes in season 10, when Sam and Castiel cured Dean and brought him back to normal. Given that a lot of people were craving to see more of black-eyed Dean feuding with his brother – or, potentially, even locking horns with Crowley over control of Hell, who knows – the quick cure might have come "too soon".

And it seems that Jensen is siding with the fans on this one – at least this is not the first time he says at conventions that he wanted to explore more of Purgatory and Demon Dean.

Who knows, maybe now, with 'Supernatural' prequels coming, the idea of revisiting some dark versions of old characters is not that bad after all?

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