Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s New Role Brings Him Closer to the James Bond Dream

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s New Role Brings Him Closer to the James Bond Dream
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The actor is all set to demonstrate his growing potential.


  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson has just landed a very promising role — but not the one that everyone was waiting for (yet).
  • The future movie also starring Jodie Comer and Ralph Fiennes will come as another sequel of the 2002’s iconic horror with Cillian Murphy in the leading role.
  • Despite not being what fans would rave about, Taylor-Johnson’s brand new role may have a huge impact on his possible future in a big franchise.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has just been confirmed for another major role, but it’s not the one that you may think of.

The actor has signed up to star in 28 Years Later, an upcoming post-apocalyptic movie directed by Danny Boyle and written by Alex Garland, whose most recent hit Civil War is now blowing all the theaters up.

Killing Eve ’s Jodie Comer and Harry Potter ’s Ralph Fiennes are also in. The plot details are still under wraps, but the film will surely have connections with the 2002 original horror 28 Days Later that starred Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris.

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The original storyline revolves around bicycle courier Jim, portrayed by Murphy, who wakes up from coma amid a global pandemic caused by some aggression-inducing virus. In an attempt to survive, Jim will have to team up with a few lucky ones who haven’t turned into furious zombies yet.

There’s nothing yet to say about what kind of role Aaron Taylor-Johnson has just landed, but what’s sure is that the upcoming sequel will show up right on time being the actor’s new impressive addition to the whole resume.

Taylor-Johnson has recently been in constant hop-on/hop-off rumor-based relationships with the famous Bondiana that, according to all the speculations, has eyed the actor as a number one challenger for the truly iconic role of James Bond.

Given that Boyle’s future film has pretty low chances to turn to something more positive than the post-apocalyptic world, Taylor-Johnson is getting a one-in-a-million opportunity to demonstrate his survival skills in an action movie.

And this surely comes as a good prep work before taking over James Bond’s duties of opposing evil.

Source: Deadline