Adam Sandler’s New Movie Might as Well Ruin His Entire Drama Career

Adam Sandler’s New Movie Might as Well Ruin His Entire Drama Career
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Recently flopped Netflix movie disrupts Sandler’s successful drama streak.


  • Adam Sandler 's new Netflix movie, Spaceman, received poor ratings from critics, gaining a “rotten” status.
  • It is quite upsetting in the sense of the actor’s rising career in drama movies.

Johan Renck directed Spaceman, an existential sci-fi drama, based on Jaroslav Kalfař's 2017 sci-fi novel, featuring a story of an astronaut who ventures into space in a mission of collecting material from an ominous space cloud and loses contact with his life on Earth and the sense of himself, is receiving poor reviews in the Internet.

The Rotten Tomatoes Spaceman critics’ score now remains at 50%, which allows to call it “rotten” in terms of the aggregator, while the audience assessment is also disappointing, only 65%.

Many of the reviews agree that, despite Adam Sandler’s convincing performance, as he stars in the movie and portrays the inner conflict of his character, the movie has almost nothing to offer to its viewers, as it poorly mixes fantastic and psychological elements, turning them into an inarticulate narration.

Although Sandler has a lot of his previous movies considered “rotten”, including his best movies, such as Big Daddy, Grown Ups and The Longest Yard, but the essential moment here is that these movies are comedies and since their release they have become the classic examples of the so-called “so bad that’s good” type of movies, where the amount of cringe and ridiculous moments allow fans enjoy them as a guilty pleasure.

Given that Spaceman wasn’t meant to be a comedy at all, it is devastating how bad it is received by the public and how it can potentially affect Sandler’s drama career.

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Punch-Drunk Love

His loud return to dramatical roles after the 2002 festival hit Punch-Drunk Love in the hugely successful crime thriller Uncut Gems, released by the Safdies in 2017, marked a new era of Sandler’s movies, which continued in the sports drama Hustle two years ago.

Though these performances were well-received by both critics and mere viewers, the King of comedy hasn’t yet gotten enough recognition as a “serious” actor, so that Spaceman’s flop is quite serious for him.

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The Great Gatsby

His colleague, the acclaimed Carey Mulligan, who played his wife in the movie, also faces her lowest-rated movie since The Great Gatsby, released in 2013, which means the end of her 11-year successful movie streak.

Despite this, Spaceman remains in Netflix’ top chart, attracting viewers worldwide. You can join them and stream it to decide whether it deserves such a low rating by yourself.