After an Oscar, Godzilla Minus One Reaches Another (Highly Questionable) Milestone

After an Oscar, Godzilla Minus One Reaches Another (Highly Questionable) Milestone
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Last year’s epic flick is definitely a good watch, but not in a very legal way.


  • Takashi Yamazaki’s last year bombshell movie Godzilla Minus One blew everyone away becoming one of few movies to receive that many accolades in all aspects.
  • Initially released in late 2023, the movie remains a big hit to this day among online users, but its success with the viewers right now is pretty controversial.
  • The director’s decision to give Godzilla Minus One its digital release only in Japan caused a lot of complaints across the internet.

There’s no doubt that Takashi Yamazaki’s last year epic film Godzilla Minus One was quite a big win everywhere it would go. Released in late 2023, the movie was quick to garner $115 million worldwide with the initial budget of only $12 million and eventually even multiplied its grand success by landing an impressive score of 98% from both critics and viewers.

With an Academy award for Best Visual Effects under its belt, Godzilla Minus One is still a frequent watch choice among those who didn’t make it to the cinemas back in December, but the movie’s current popularity among viewers seems to be a questionable matter.

According to Torrent Freak’s most recent data, Godzilla Minus One is the number one movie to be streamed illegally through pirates’ sites, surpassing even Dune: Part 2 and Nicholas Cage’s horror film Arcadian for the week of May 6.

After an Oscar, Godzilla Minus One Reaches Another (Highly Questionable) Milestone - image 1

Godzilla Minus One’s immense success at the illegal websites may be an evident repercussion of the film’s official release on Prime Video and Blu-Ray, but only in Japan.

Though it still doesn’t seem to be a reasonable excuse for streaming the movie illegally, some may have done this to catch up with the flick after they initially missed its run in theaters across the world. Some people nonetheless do have respect for the crew’s painstaking work and use VPN to watch the film on Amazon Prime Japan.

Yet most of the fans have been quite annoyed by the fact that Godzilla Minus One never made it to the global streaming while staying a privilege for Japanese viewers.

Some of the users took it to the social media to point out that Yamazaki’s team not only loses a huge amount of money that the movie could bring them from the viewership, but also kinda forces fans outside of Japan to stream the film illegally thus disrespecting Godzilla Minus One’s whole production process.

Given that the director has recently confirmed his work on Godzilla Minus One’s sequel, the chances are he may change his mind about the upcoming movie’s digital release after the original one’s bad experience.

Source: Torrent Freak