Alex Garland’s Civil War Still Has Chances to Beat A24’s Biggest Box Office Hit

Alex Garland’s Civil War Still Has Chances to Beat A24’s Biggest Box Office Hit
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This year’s biggest dystopian drama keeps thriving in the theaters.


  • Alex Garland ’s dystopian movie Civil War is an unexpected big box office hit of this year, yet the movie is pretty much likely to eventually surpass an even bigger hit produced by A24.
  • Back in 2022, the high-grossing absurdist comedy drama helmed by A24 got numerous accolades from critics and viewers later on taking home a bunch of Oscars awards.
  • Despite being released more than a month ago, Civil War’s theatrical run isn’t over yet, giving a film an opportunity to garner even more.

Nearly a month after its theatrical release, Alex Garland’s thriller Civil War starring Kirsten Dunst has officially made it to breaking even, to-date garnering more than $103 million against the initial budget of $50 million.

Having started its fifth week of run in cinemas, the movie now leaves absolutely no doubt that it’s taken a number two position at the A24 list of the highest-grossing films that the studio ever produced.

Though Civil War’s theatrical performance is coming closer to its eventual end, the movie still has a way to go for surpassing A24’s biggest box office success.

So far nothing has come close to what Everything Everywhere All at Once did back in 2022. The absurdist comedy drama starring Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis had a blast in the theaters earning around $143 million with the initial budget of only $25 million.

Apart from the commercial success, the movie was met by cheers from both critics and viewers, landing scores of 93% and 86% on Rotten Tomatoes respectively, and eventually taking home seven Oscar statuettes, including the one for Best Picture.

It will yet take some time to find out whether Garland’s Civil War will be selected for the next awards season, but the movie is clearly planning to follow its predecessor’s suit.

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Having Kirsten Dunst in the leading role as a leader of the group of journalists trying to make their way to Washington D.C. amidst the numerous rebellions that engulfed the country, Civil War gives some truly remarkable performances of its actors while several viewers already attributed that Oscar for Best Actress to Kirsten Dunst.

Still, Civil War’s fight for the status of A24’s highest-grossing movie isn’t over as it continues its run in theaters which will surely be followed by a digital release, presumably on Max as A24 happens to have the output deal with the streaming.

With all the money that Civil War is still able to get for its piggy bank, the chances are this year will mark A24’s new biggest flick ever.