All 5 Insidious Movies, Ranked from Could Be Better to Absolutely Horrifying 

All 5 Insidious Movies, Ranked from Could Be Better to Absolutely Horrifying 
Image credit: Sony Pictures Releasing, FilmDistrict

One of the most terrifying horror franchises has had its share of ups and downs.

This summer saw the release of Insidious: The Red Door, the anniversary installment of the cult horror franchise that has existed without its creator, James Wan, for several years.

As expected, without the director's involvement, the quality of the films began to decline – but even the later installments of Insidious have their pros and cons.

5. Insidious: Chapter 3

Of the five movies in the Insidious franchise, the third installment is the least well-received by audiences and critics alike. There are several reasons for this.

First, Insidious 3 is the first part of the franchise to be filmed without James Wan. Second, Leigh Whannell, a newcomer to the genre at the time, took over as director.

Third, the main characters of the third installment – a single father and two teenage children – are not nearly as interesting as the Lambert family with their unusual inherited ability.

4. Insidious: The Last Key

In many ways, Insidious 4 only further messes up the franchise's already problematic timeline. Essentially, The Last Key is a prequel to the prequel that is Insidious 3.

Actress Lin Shaye steals the spotlight as her once-minor character takes center stage, telling a poignant story about domestic violence and the cruel mores of the times. The only problem is that this installment brings absolutely nothing new to the franchise.

3. Insidious: The Red Door

The Red Door was released after a long five-year hiatus, during which time some viewers had already forgotten of Insidious, while others were happy to see horror return to its roots.

It’s hard to claim The Red Door a horror movie. The most of the time is occupied by the good old family drama. Nevertheless, the creators managed to make a very touching movie that, that at least brings back nostalgia for the first Insidious.

2. Insidious

The first two installments of Insidious are usually perceived as one big movie. The original Insidious seems to be one long acceleration to the climax, which only begins after Patrick Wilson’s character has regained the ability to travel by astral projection.

The only problem is that not every viewer will be able to hold out until the spectacular finale twist. The creepy red-faced demon and the old lady in a black veil are the best things in the movie, but they only appear at the end.

1. Insidious: Chapter 2

The sequel to Insidious picks up the pace straight from the start. From the moment the opening credits roll until the very end, we are kept in absolute suspense.

The ending of the second Insidious is actually a big reference to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, which definitely adds honor to the movie.