All 6 Grey's Anatomy Main Antagonists Ranked From Causing The Least To Most Chaos

All 6 Grey's Anatomy Main Antagonists Ranked From Causing The Least To Most Chaos
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Turns out there are plenty of bad guys even in a medical drama.

In the nearly 20 years that Grey's Anatomy has been on the air, many characters have come and gone. While some of them were clearly great, the majority fell into the most realistic "gray area" with serious flaws that balanced out their personalities.

However, there are some characters that were written to be clear antagonists. They were annoying, they were scary, and they ruined everything the main character held dear.

Here are all 6 Grey's Anatomy villains, ranked by how much pain and mayhem they managed to cause with their actions.

6. Eliza Minnick

Of all the people on this list, Eliza was the least evil and, on rare occasions, even somewhat likable. She also had a romantic interest in Arizona Robbins, who fans desperately wanted to get back together with Callie, so it's not surprising that she was perceived as a villain, even if she wasn't in reality.

5. Robert Stark

There's not much to say about this guy, except that he has a pretty terrible character and is a bad surgeon. Everyone makes mistakes, and all 19 seasons of Grey's Anatomy are there to prove it, but being willing to cut off someone's healthy leg is where we draw the line.

4. Erica Hahn

Although Erica Hahn probably gives the most realistic portrayal of a mentor in a medical environment, she was also rude and downright racist to both Richard Webber and Cristina Yang. Fortunately, she didn't stick around too long.

3. Paul Stadler

This was one of the most important storylines Grey's Anatomy had to tell, with Matthew Morrison perfectly capturing an abusive and manipulative person with way too much power and influence. Fans could never forgive what he did to Jo, and thankfully, neither could Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

2. Ellis Grey

It goes without saying that Ellis' character is much more thoughtful, balanced, and complex than many others on this list. Being a very intense and demanding, borderline abusive mother to Meredith has definitely made her stronger, but also much more traumatized.

1. Gary Clark

There's no way anyone else could have been on this list if it wasn't for a literal mass shooting that shocked the hospital and put many people through the most terrifying moments of their lives. Many Grey's Anatomy fans are still getting chills from rewatching the heartbreaking season 6 finale.