'An Abomination of a Character' Yellowstone Fans Just Can't Handle Anymore

'An Abomination of a Character' Yellowstone Fans Just Can't Handle Anymore
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Fans of Yellowstone have spoken. While the show is almost universally loved, there's one character that nobody can stand – to the point where some fans fast-forward through her scenes.

Beth Dutton is the daughter of Kevin Costner's John Dutton III, the show's protagonist. She's been a main character throughout the show's five seasons, but fans are starting to get fed up.

A user started a thread on Reddit asking other fans' thoughts on the Dutton kids, though the entire thread quickly became a parade of insults toward Beth.

One fan felt the show was trying to get audiences to love Beth and hate Jamie – her foster brother – but it's only led to the opposite.

They pointed out the time Beth got a charge for disorderly conduct and complained to Jamie, like her temper was his fault. "I find myself rooting for Beth to get hers," the user said, "and she never does."

While Jamie is admittedly greedy, he knows more about the finances of the family ranch than Beth. If she'd learn to listen to Jamie, they'd all be better for it.

Instead, she's constantly out to point out Jamie's flaws and make him look incompetent, when all he wants is to truly feel like part of the family.

Another fan took it to an entirely different level. They said they "can't stand that viper Beth," claiming she desperately needs therapy. "Hope they kill her off."

Some fans hold a little more sympathy toward her. She did progress in some ways after the first few seasons of the show, shedding her substance abuse issues that she held in the first season.

But despite this character growth, other fans feel she's regressed overall – becoming far more "infuriating" and "annoying."

One fan said they'd hate to blame Taylor Sheridan – the show's creator – but he's proven himself to struggle in writing positive female roles.

"He's done some amazing work," they said. "But for the love of God, Beth is an abomination of a character."

Fans pointed out three versions of female roles in Sheridan's productions: Smart, brave, independent women; innocent "cowgirl bunnies;" and "psycho viper."

All of which are one-dimensional and don't lend a character to natural growth. Despite Beth's flaws, her actress is praised for her performance as the "psycho viper."

Kelly Reily was nominated for the 2023 Critics Choice Award for Best Actress, with fans saying she's done a great job as the unpredictable yet entertaining Beth Dutton.

Yellowstone will return from its mid-season hiatus this summer on The Paramount Network and Paramount+.