Anime Fans Disappointed By Sony's Plans To Adapt 'One Punch Man'

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Justin Lin is set to direct the live-action adaptation of the classic manga, but fans are somewhat cautious about expecting something worthwhile.

It was expected that Lin would take a break from directing Hollywood blockbusters following his departure from 'Fast X' after filming began, but that doesn't seem to be happening. Lin will direct the 'One Punch Man' film, which will center around a bald superhero Saitama capable of killing any living thing with a single blow. The original manga and subsequent anime adaptation are considered some of the best Japanese cultural treasures of the last decade, with millions of fans eagerly following Saitama's search for a worthy adversary to rival him.

However, in a thread on Reddit fans of the original are a little unhappy about Lin directing their favorite story, using the director's own words to prove that he has no idea what makes the 'One Punch Man' manga a groundbreaking work of entertainment genre.

"Think of Mike Tyson as a superhero in feudal Japan. The studio is bullish on the concept as a franchise starter." It take place in futuristic super cities with advanced tech. Tell me you didn't even google OPM without telling me you didn't google OPM. – /EternalGandhi.

Some people are even more concerned about the project's writers, wondering how Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner, who were responsible for writing 'Jumanji: The Next Level', 'The Dark Tower' and 'Kangaroo Jack' continue to work in Hollywood.

"They make safe bets. Individual moviegoers hate their work, the market loves it. Financially speaking, they can't miss. Both of those films raked it in," – /marcuschookt.

Nevertheless, some fans support Lin as a director, noting that his work on the 'Fast and the Furious' films has proven him to be a reliable action helmer.

"Fast and Furious is exactly the kind of tone that OPM needs. Did you somehow mistake OPM for Schindler's List or something?" – /willyolio.

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