Another Bruce Willis Movie Flops Hard: Here’s What’s Wrong With It

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Yet another potential disaster – or The Razzie Awards nominee.

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The Bruce Willis film Gasoline Alley is not getting a whole lot of love from critics. R-rated action thriller about an ex-con, trying to prove his innocence after being accused of a savage Hollywood murder, got a disastrous 9% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 11 critic reviews.

So what exactly is wrong with it, aside from, well, you know, being a typical Bruce Willis movie?

First – and, it seems, foremost – it’s the unfortunate screenplay that sets this particular house on fire:

While director Edward Drake tries to evoke an oddball neo-noir tone, his efforts are brought down by a clumsy and fatally bland screenplay that sends our hero on a journey that takes him from one forgettable character to the next before arriving at a shocking twist that I suspect will surprise very few viewers. – Peter Sobczynski,

Then there’re questionable supporting characters and subplots:

There’s also a subplot with a love interest (Kat Foster) that’s completely unnecessary. There must have been more to the relationship that was cut. It ends up being useless filler in a bad movie. – Julian Roman, MovieWeb

And finally – cringe-worthy dialogue:

The hackneyed, excessively expository dialogue feels like placeholder chit-chat from a first draft that somehow made it into the shooting script. – Shaun Munro, Flickering Myth

There are at least a couple of nice touches – from references to the BLM movement to some inside meta jokes, – but it’s clearly not enough to redeem the film.

Gasoline Alley, also starring Luke Wilson and Devon Sawa, is out in limited theaters and streaming now.

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