'Ant-Man 3' Test Screening Just Happened, Here's What Insider Has To Say

'Ant-Man 3' Test Screening Just Happened, Here's What Insider Has To Say
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The new chapter of Scott Lang's story is rumored to be far more trippy, hilarious, and over-the-top than ever before.

The comedy duo of director Peyton Reed and actor Paul Rudd rocked the MCU universe with their first 'Ant-Man' film, showing great family dynamics, believable humor and a memorable cast of characters. But there was one thing the film was lacking: a great villain. The same problem has arisen in the sequel, and it looks like Kevin Feige has finally gotten serious about the problem, announcing that the main villain in the upcoming threequel will be Jonathan Majors 's Kang, a respected and beloved presence among MCU fans. And it looks like the changes won't end there.

A well-known insider recently revealed that Marvel Studios has already held a test screening of the upcoming film, and audiences seem to really like it. The MCU is rumored to have seriously upped the humor in the film, creating a fun and unusual experience.

Fans have been quick to compare the changes taking place in 'Ant-Man 3' to those that happened when Taika Waititi joined the 'Thor' franchise, completely changing the overall mood and perception of the characters. And people seem to like the idea, as they're finally expecting something grand from a blockbuster about Scott Lang.

"Honestly, when you put it that way, it makes me so much more excited for the film. I've always liked the Ant-Man movies, but neither of them ever really stood out to me. If they do to the franchise what they did with Ragnarok & Thor, I think that'd be a lot of fun. The Ant-Man character and Paul Rudd's portrayal of him are already kinda absurd, so they should lean into that more, especially with the craziness of the Quantum Realm." – /regmckie.

One major cause for concern is the film's director, Peyton Reed, whom many consider an underwhelming choice for directing huge blockbusters, as he already proved with his previous 'Ant-Man' films. However, some fans believe that with the help of the MCU, Reed can turn the upcoming film into a true masterpiece.

"If he's given a bigger toybox of creative concepts to work with I bet it won't be nearly as bland as the other two in terms of visuals. The quantum realm scenes in Ant Man were surprisingly trippy for 2015 MCU standards, so hopefully they'll ramp that wackiness up if given the opportunity." – /klinkymcdink.