'Aquaman 2' Leak Might Hint At DCEU Finally Getting Rid of Ezra Miller, According To Reddit

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The recent scoop that one of major DC characters will appear in 'Aquaman 2' may be a hint that Warner Bros. is finally fed up with Ezra Miller's antics.

Ezra Miller's transition over the past couple of months has been a staggering one– previously considered a teenage prodigy and a very talented actor, they are now largely seen as a deranged individual responsible for numerous acts of violence and accusations of sexual misconduct. In addition to the serious accusations mentioned above, Miller's DC film is experiencing other troubles: constant delays and reshoots have plagued the production from the beginning. And it looks like DCEU executives are finally trying to do something about it.

A famous insider recently reported that Michael Keaton's Batman will appear in the upcoming Jason Momoa-led movie. While this news is no surprise given Keaton's confirmed involvement in 'The Flash', some fans considered this plot leak as evidence that Warner Bros. is taking some action against Ezra Miller.

"#BatKeaton showed up twice in #Aquaman2 T Screening. Once in the first act to suggest Curry that there is something wrong with the Earth's core and probably the atlantians are behind it. Second, in the epilogue during Curry's speech. Guess it's official, DC has replaced #Batfleck." – @UndercoverCine.

The thing is, 'Aquaman 2' is set to come out much earlier than 'The Flash', so Keaton's Batman appearance is really a bit surprising. Batman is supposed to appear because of the events that will be shown in Miller's film, so his role in 'Aquaman 2' would be a bit incomprehensible. Unless the DCEU plans to swap these two films release dates.

"The Flash and Aquaman will definitely swap release dates because Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom takes place after The Flash, in the new DCEU," – /SpeedForce2022.

By doing so, the major studio will make it clear to everyone that it doesn't want to spend any more time producing and promoting 'The Flash', especially in light of the recent Ezra Miller allegations.

"The speculation about Flash moving up is probably right. Controversy aside they probably just wanna get it over with to establish the new timeline going forward." – /FewWatermelonlesson0.

As of now, 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom' is slated to release on March 17, 2023, while 'The Flash' will premiere on June 23, 2023.

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